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Primavera RR

Initially planned as a pursuit format race, last-minute logistical issues saw the first ever Primavera (which replaces the Springtime Pursuits, held in the SW for many years) switch to a standard RR format. With a rider like Jonathan Tiernan-Locke (ex-Team Sky, returning from a doping ban) in the men’s E/1/2/3, the women’s race was rather overlooked by many and didn’t receive as much coverage as it deserved.


Cockcroft attacks – but well aware of the Bikeshed-Bianchi rider’s strength, her three main rivals are on her case immediately and prevent her getting away (photo c/o EliteVelo-Kalas/Bikeshed-Bianchi)

A pity, because it proved to be a superb race and offered a chance to see a victory for a rider who, at 26, looks set to become one of the stars of the UK scene in the next couple of years – Emma Cockcroft, whom Alice Staniford (EliteVelo-Kalas) described to NS as “an actual machine. Very similar to how Hayley Simmonds [National TT Champion, now pro with UHC] rides, pure power – it forces the rest of us to ride tactically and try to force a sprint/ make sure she doesn’t get away!”

Lauren Dolan (Liv CC-Epic), Jenny Powell (EliteVelo-Kalas) and Nicki Carr (VC Equipe-Flix) therefore kept careful eye in Cockcroft and were ready to respond when she made her move, kicking hard on a climb a third of the way into the race and prevented her getting away. After working together for much of the middle third, the four leaders began to test one another’s strength, increasing the gap between themselves and the main bunch to a minute. When the Bikeshed-Bianchi rider attacked again with 1.5km to go, only Dolan was able to chase but, while her efforts were highly impressive, Cockcroft was simply too strong.


Emma Cockcroft (photo c/o Bikeshed-Bianchi)

1 Emma Cockcroft (Bikeshed-Bianchi; Cat. 2) 30pts
2 Lauren Dolan (Liv CC-Epic Coaching; Cat. 2) 25pts
3 Jenny Powell (Elitevelo-Kalas; Cat. 2) 21pts
4 Nicki Carr (VC Equipe-Flix; Cat. 2) 17pts
5 Jennifer Holden (Fusion-Fierlan; Cat. 3) 14pts
6 Bethany Taylor (Boot Out Breast Cancer CC; Cat. 2) 12pts
7 Ashia Fenwick (VC Venta; Cat. 3) 10pts
8 Ellie Gilham (Primera-TeamJobs; Cat. 2) 8pts
9 Hannah Larbalestier (University of Bath CC; Cat. 3) 7pts
10 Hannah Newsham (Somerset RC-Bicycle Chain; Cat. 4) 6pts
11 Rebecca Cornwell (Taw Velo; Cat. 4) 5pts
12 Bethan Stubbs (Bikeshed-Bianchi; Cat. 3) 4pts
13 Zoe Betteridge (N Devon Wheelers-South Fork; Cat. 3) 3pts
14 Sophie-Jo Wylie-Morris (MnD Fusion-Gearclub-WORX; Cat. 3) 2pts
15 Helen Anthony (Mid Devon CC; Cat. 4) 1pt

SW Women’s Race Series


San Fairy Ann Spring Criterium 1
1 Rosie Lethbridge (Cat. 3) 10pts
2 Claire Hammond (Twickenham CC; Cat. 3) 8pts
3 Susan Freeburn (PMR@Toachim House; Cat. 2) 7pts
4 Gem Atkinson (Rapha CC; Cat. 3) 6
5 Emma Towers (PMR@Toachim House; Cat. 2) 5pts
6 Freya Rawlins (Adalta CC; Cat. 4) 4pts
7 Anna Carter (Kinetic-Welwyn; Cat. 3) 3pts
8 Connie Hayes (CC Hackney; Cat. A) 0pts
9 Maria Thompson (Kingston Wheelers; Cat. 2) 0pts

Lancaster University Spring Crits #1
1 Samantha Wilson (Army Cycling; Cat. 3) 3pts
2 Linsey Lyon (Racing Chance Foundation; Cat. 4) 2pts
3 Georgia Gage (University Of Manchester CC; Cat. 4) 1pt
4 Lindsey Styler (Racing Chance Foundation; Cat. 3), 5 Alexandra Kendall-Smith (University Of Manchester CC; Cat. 4), 6 Amy Pearce (University Of Manchester CC; Cat. 4), 7 Catherine Waters (NW Cycle Coaching; Cat. 3), 8 Carrie-Ann Wilson (Chester RC; Cat. 4),


Lily Greenhalgh was third at the Yorkshire Day at the Races

Yorkshire Day At The Races #1
1 Georgia Ashworth (Cycle Sport Pendle) 3pts
2 Felicity Gledhill (Sportcity Velo) 2pts
3 Lily Greenhalgh (East Bradford CC) 1pt
4 Corinne Side (Cycle Sport Pendle), 5 Ruby Boyes (Huddersfield Star Wheelers), 6 Sophie Ramsden (Huddersfield Star Wheelers),
1 Ava Oxley-Szilagyi (PH Mas-VCUK) 3pts
2 Maisy Vasic (Sportcity Velo) 2pts
3 Rachel Earnshaw (East Bradford CC) 1pt
4 Olivia Ingham (Pedalsport CC), 5 Georgia Deavin (Pedalsport CC), 6 Laura Ibbotson (Holmfirth CC), 7 Jasmine Pusey (Cycle Sport Pendle)
U12 (mixed; no points awarded): 8 Freya Whiteside (Ilkley CC), 10 Megan Rees (Holmfirth CC)
U10 (mixed; no points awarded): 9 Catrin Ferguson (Cycle Sport Pendle)

This week’s news



Elspeth Grace (Cat. A) took an impressive 5th against older riders at the ELV Winter Series

East London Velo Winter Series #7
Cats. 2/3/4
1 Aoife Doherty (5th Floor CC; Cat. 2) 10pts
2 Emma Lewis (Adalta CC; Cat. 2) 8pts
3 Gill Carter (Essex Roads CC; Cat. 4) 7pts
4 Charlotte Heywood (Twickenham CC; Cat. 2) 6pts
5 Elspeth Grace (Welwyn Wheelers; Cat. A) 0pts
6 Tamala McGee (London Phoenix; Cat. 2) 4pts
7 Sophia Chastell (Kinetic-Welwyn Racing; Cat. 2) 3pts
8 Alicia Clifford (Adalta CC; Cat. 4) 2pts
9 Jody Coxon (Adalta CC; Cat. 4) 1pt
DNF Caroline Guest (Velo Schils-Interbike; Cat. 3)


Velo29 Winter Series #5
Cats. 2/3/4
1 Angela Hibbs (Fusion-Fierlan; Cat. 2) 10pts
2 Nicola Moore (Squadra RT; Cat. 2) 8pts
3 Brit Tate (WNT; Cat. 2) 7pts
4 Stephanie Mottram (Cat. 4) 6pts
5 Anna Kay (Nutcracker Racing; Cat. 3) 5pts
6 Lindsay Atkinson-Wright (Albarosa CC; Cat. 3) 4pts
7 Sarah Cramoysan (; Cat. 2) 3pts
8 Louise Burnie (; Cat. 2) 2pts
9 Megan Kay (Vieri Velo RC; Cat. 3) 1pt
10 Debra Charlesworth (Cliff Pratt Racing; Cat. 4) 1pt
11 Rachel Heptonstall (Kinetic-Welwyn Racing; Cat. 3), 12 Nikki Metcalfe (Manilla Cycling; Cat. 2), 13 Lara Spearman (Cat. 4), 14 Natalie Mitchell (Durham University CC; Cat. 4), 15 Whitney Larkin (Clifton CC; Cat. 4), 16 Hazel Wright (Manilla; Cat. 3), 17 Kirsty Boak (PH Nas-VCUK; Cat. 3), 18 Emma Pulsford (Albarosa CC; Cat. 4), 19 Pamela Challen (Manilla; Cat. 4), 20 Nicola Darragh, 21 Rebecca Longthorp (Cliff Pratt Racing; Cat. 3), 22 Nicola Gibson (Cliff Pratt Racing; Cat. 4), 23 C Fearns
Dsq Neah Evans (Glasgow Sprint Track CT; Cat. 2)