Sennema, Colborne & Rush win National Hill Climb — Staniford wins SW CX Champs — Matrix Fitness reveal more signings — WNT ’16 roster hints — Results

Sennema’s Hill Climb Hat-Trick


Maryka Sennema, seen here at the 2015 National Road Race Championships, is National Hill Climb Champion for the third consecutive year.

Paceline RT’s Maryka Sennema took the National Hill Climb Championships for a third consecutive time on Sunday the 25th of October, taking 5’31.9″ to complete the Jackson Bridge course near Homfirth in West Yorkshire – a climb noted for its difficulty due to the starting section of 18%, sharp corners, four sections of around 15% and, just for good measure, ramps of over 20% along its 1.44km length (average gradient 11%) that prevent a rider settling into any sort of rhythm.

“Normally I would be able to start a climb like this conservatively and count on a strong finish, today I felt pressured to be “on” and go hard from the start (not my preferred method, it hurts a lot more for a lot longer!),” Maryka told Neutral Service after we congratulated her on her performance. “I felt the pressure of the competition this year and was determined not to go out too easy and lose those extra seconds I could gain on the steepest part of the course, at the risk of saving myself for a stronger second half which I wasn’t sure would come today. Haven’t felt 100% for a few weeks now and while I was well enough to race and do well, it certainly meant little room for error!”

National Time Trial Champion Hayley Simmonds (Velosport), who told us the morning before the race (the day after becoming British Universities and Colleges Sport National Hill Climb Champion) that climbs of this type are “not really my speciality, and possibly a bit short for me,” was second with a time 2.3″ slower than Sennema’s – she did also say “But I’ll try my best!”

The bronze medal went to Lou Bates of Carnac-Planet X, who finished 3″ slower than Sennema.


Colborne best Junior, Rush best U16


Isla Rush is new U16 National Champion (© Steve Rush)

Competition among the junior riders was high, as has tended to be the case in events of this type over the last few years – pointing to good times ahead for women’s cycling and for hill climbing. Henrietta Colborne (Jadan) was the fastest in the category, finishing in an impressive 13th place with a time of 6’14.2″; Heather Despres (Guernsey VC) was second in 20th place and Louise Scupham (Scarborough Paragon) was third in 28th. Isla Rush, who recently signed to the Matrix team but was riding for WyndyMilla, was 35th with a time of 7’17.4″ – Isla’s 16, but as a result of Cycling Time Trials’ “age on the day” of registration policy is new U16 National Champion.


Sennema’s winning ride (© Steve Rush)

1 Maryka Sennema (Paceline RT) 5’31.9″
2 Hayley Simmonds (Velosport) 5’34.2″
3 Lou Bates (Carnac Planet X) 5’34.9″
4 Becky Lewis (Fibrax-Wrexham RC) 5’36.1″
5 Lynn Hamel ( 5’36.3″
6 Elizabeth Stedman (Fusion RT Gear Club) 5’39.5″
7 Mary Wilkinson (Yorkshire RC) 5’44”
8 Fiona Blackett (Bishop Auckland CC) 5’47”
9 Alice Lethbridge ( 5’53”
10 Helen Roby (HD Revolutions) 6’03”
11 Gabriella Leveridge (Velosure-Starley Primal) 6’07.2″
12 Victoria Grimmer (Paramount CRT) 6’12.4″
13 Henrietta Colborne (Jadan) 6’14.2″ – junior
14 Nicola Soden (Stocksbridge CC) 6’16.8″
15 Emilie Verroken (Langsett Cycles) 6’19.2″
16 Tamara Davenne (Zappi’s) 6’22.4″
17 Claire Munton (Malteni) 6’23.1″
18 Heidi Viles (Somerset RC/The Bicycle Chain) 6’29.0
19 Josephine Gilbert (Velosure-Starley Primal) 6’30.4″
20 Heather Despres (Guernsey VC) 6’34.6″ – junior
21 Julia Van Campen (Sheffrec CC) 6’34.8″
22 Julianna Rourke (Edinburgh RC-SCU) 6’35.7″12034487_923678131057080_4795394656784254584_o (1)
23 Melissa Brand (Solihull CC) 6’38.3″
24 Natasha Cutmore (RST Sport/Aero-Coach) 6’46.7″
25 Nikola Matthews (Pearl Izumi-Sports Tours International) 6’48.3″
26 Jessica Roberts (Team Elite/Paul Bethall Electrical) 6’49.9″
27 Jessica Rhodes-Jones (Beacon Roads CC) 6’51.9″
28 Louise Scupham (Scarborough Paragon) 6’52.3″ – junior
29 Wiebke Rietz (1st Chard Wheelers) 6’54.7″
30 Nixie Turner (Worcester St Johns CC) 6’58.8″ – junior
31 Jayne Dickens (Vision Racing-Delamare Dairy/GRM) 7’00.3″
32 Nicola Holloway (Sheffrec CC) 7’00.8″
33 Iona Sewell (Carnac-Planet X) 7’07.4″
34 Sandra Mackay (Veloschils Interbike) 7’15.8″
35 Isla Aimee Rush (Wyndymilla) 7’17.4″ – junior
36 Crystal Spearman ( 7’26.8″
37 Ruth Gamwell (Macclesfield Wheelers) 7’29.3″
38 Jasmine Gray (Champion System/VCUK) 7’40.7″ – junior
39 Hannah Bayes (Scarborough Paragon) 7’44.7″ – junior
40 Eve Lyon (Nutcracker Racing) 8’12.1″ – junior


The top three with CTT chair Shelia Hardy and Brian Robinson, the first British rider to complete a Tour de France (© Steve Rush)


Alice Staniford wins SW CX Champs

(Report by Karen Wyle Smith)

A true Championship course had been laid out by organiser Steve Harris around the grounds of Poltair School and the adjoining St Austell Brewery. The infamous Brewery climb, a series of steep steps traversing a near vertical bank, was one of the many testing features.


Alice Staniford (eliteVelo-Kalas) is south-west cyclocross champion (© Karen Wyle Smith)

Under blue skies, with the wind whipping off the sea, the course was running fast. Alice had a master plan up her sleeve and a fire in her belly following defeat by her main rival for the title Catherine Kilburn at the previous weekend’s league event. With the women all starting grouped at the back of the main field, she used her criterium skills to quickly move up the field and put distance into her rivals. After the start loop the first part of the plan had been executed very well and she had the wind in her sails. Alice went full gas on the flat to maximise the benefit of her superior fitness, considering that Catherine would be quicker as she dialled in her MTB skills on the many technical features. However, Alice held a relentless pace, looking determined throughout and using her efficient CX skills to run where the course was getting heavy and rutted. The course, that involved a cork screw and many tight hairpins offered many opportunities for Alice to keep a close eye on her nearest rivals and gauge her effort over the 60 min race.

Mid race saw the course taking the toll on her gearing so a quick dive into the pit saw her on to a new machine with the lead intact. Alice held her rhythm, smoothly negotiating the running boards each lap, pushing her advantage out to 90 seconds to secure her first South West Cyclo-Cross Women’s Championship title. (© Karen Wyle Smith)

South-West CX Championships
1 Alice Staniford (eliteVelo-Kalas)
Further results to come
Alice’s race report


Teams and Transfers

Matrix Fitness, which brought its time as a professional UCI squad to an end with the close of the season, retains Harriet Owen. Harriet hasn’t had a good season this year due to injury, but finished the 2014 Women’s Tour Youth Classification in 24th place and despite only being 21 has been racking up excellent domestic results for ages. She seems as much a part of the team as manager Stef Wyman, and it’s great to see her remain.


WNT: “RIDER ANNOUNCEMENT – Guess which rider is coming back to join us at Team WNT for 2016? Put your answers below! ‪#‎guesstherider‬”

Matrix also announces four new signings, in addition to Isla Rush who joined last week. Lora Turnham and Corrine Hall, who rode for the team in 2014 before it turned professional (UCI rules made it impossible to remain, as a result of which they signed to the now-defunct Ikon-Mazda), are returning – one of the most successful partnerships in paracycling with numerous titles on their palmares, the pair will be supported by the team as they prepare for next year’s Paralympics. Joining for the first time is the outstanding climbing talent Alice Cobb, who finished the Ryedale GP in seventh place and picked up some very promising results at the Tour Cycliste Féminin International de l’Ardèche when competing with the Racing Chance Foundation this year, and Amira Mellor – Mellor is widely considered perhaps the top cyclocross rider on the UK domestic circuit and has more than enough talent to take her to the top; her presence in Matrix, which will enable her to gain more experience of Belgian ‘cross due to the team’s base in Oudenaarde (and, of course, learn from nine-time National Champion Helen Wyman), will be a valuable stepping stone. Read more about Mellor here.

Matrix has also announced a partnership with Corley Cycles, best known in women’s cycling through its sponsorship of the Corley-Drops team. With a large shop, and fantastic workshop facilities, Corley Cycles will provide a key link to the cycling industry itself, as well as helping team riders directly with bike maintenance throughout the season – read more here.

Marcus Nainby, manager at WNT, has handed over the team’s social media to the riders for a few days so that they can get fans guessing who’ll be extending their contracts and who’s joining. Follow them on Facebook and see if you can work it out!




Imani Pereira-James

Ride of the Week: 10-year-old Imani Pereira-James (Glasgow Riderz) won the U12 Scottish National Cyclocross Series race at Knockburn Loch, beating Morven Yeoman and Emily Carrick-Anderson to the top step of the podium. Interestingly, girls outnumbered boys in the mixed event – 17 to 14.

National CX Trophy Senior & Junior Women #2
1 Hannah Payton (Kinesis UK) 41’57” 100pts
2 Amira Mellor (Oldfield/Paul Milnes Cycles) +20″ 80pts
3 Bethany Crumpton (North West CC) +29″ 70pts
4 Diane Lee (Mulebar Girl-Sigma Sport) +46″ 60pts
5 Annabel Simpson (Hope Factory Racing) +57″ 55pts
6 Ffion James (Abergavenny RC) +1’02” 50pts
7 Adela Carter (Hope Factory Racing) +1’04” 45pts
8 Madeleine Gammons (Sherwood Pines Cycles-SRAM RT) +1’44” 40pts – junior
9 Merce Pacios Pujadó (Bike Guess-Guak) +1’58” 35pts
10 Charlotte Broughton (Corley Cycles-Drops RT) +2’00” 30pts – junior
1 Maddi Smith (Bolsover & District CC) 37:04:000 40
2 Martine Verweij (Jewson-M.I.Racing-Polypipe) 38:21:000 34
3 Helen Pattinson (Solent Pirates) 38:28:000 30
1 Poppy Wildman (Nottingham Clarion CC) 29’32” 80
2 Harriet Harnden (Malvern Cycle Sport) +21″ 68
3 Elspeth Grace (Welwyn Wheelers) +39″ 60
1 Anna Wadsworth (Beeline Bikes RT) 30’42” 80
2 Maddie Wadsworth (Beeline Bikes RT) +51″ 68
3 Eluned King (Towy Riders) +57″ 60
Full results

Scottish National CX Series (Knockburn Loch)
1 Madeleine Robinson (VC Moulin) 42’09” 20pts
2 Anne Ewing (WV Breda) +26″ 16pts
3 Jane Barr (Velocity 44 Stirling) +38″ 12pts
4 Lucy Grant (Peebles CC) +1’35” 9pts
5 Ruth Fraser-Moodie (Pedal Power RT) +3’14” 7pts
6 Brenda Callander (Stirling Bike Club) 5pts
7 Elizabeth Adams (Glasgow Green CC) 4pts
8 Laura Murray (Velocity 44 Stirling) 0pts
9 Caroline Harvey 2pts
10 Cathy Wyse 0pts
U16: 1 Ishbel Strathdee (Edinburgh RC) 6pts, 2 Anna McGorum (Peebles CC) 4pts, 3 Megan Wilkinson (Peebles CC) 3pts, 4 Anna Shackley (Glasgow Riderz) 2pts, 5 Lauren Liversidge 1pt
U14: 1 Anna Flynn (Edinburgh RC) 6pts, 2 Eva Young (Pedal Power RT) 4pts, 3 Elena McGorum (Peebles CC) 3pts, 4 Georgia Ferry (Glasgow Riderz) 2pts, 5 Katherine Macleod (Edinburgh RC) 1pt
U12 (No points awarded): 1 Imani Pereira-James (Glasgow Riderz), 2 Morven Yeoman (East Kilbride RC), 3 Emily Carrick-Anderson (Peebles CC)
U8 (No points awarded): 1 Niamh Waters , 2 Melanie Rowe (Ythan CC) , 3 Hope Thomson (Deeside Thistle CC) ST
Full results

Scottish Team Time Trial Championships
Claire Coey, Rosemary Haddock, Emma Lamont
2 Ayr Roads CC
Janet Erskine, Toni McIntosh, Lynne Wardrop
3 Edinburgh RC
Emma Borthwick, Mireille Captieux, Jane Stevenson
Full result

Cyclopark Women’s Twilight Racing #3
Cats. 3/4
1 Kelly Enticott (Bognor Regis CC; Cat. 4) 10pts
2 Carolyn Swan (Kent Velo Girls; Cat. 4) 8pts
3 Ali Peate (Panagua CC; Cat. 3) 7pts
4 Hannah Nicklin (Cat. 4) 6pts
5 Claire Hammond (London Dynamo; Cat. 3) 5pts
6 Connie Hayes (CC Hackney; Cat. A) 4pts
7 Joanna Sloman (Dulwich Paragon; Cat. 4) 3pts
8 Florence Collins (4T+ VC; Cat. 3) 2pts
9 Siobhan Carroll 0pts

More resultsCentral CX League #5 – Zappi’sLincolnshire League #5 – Scunthorpe RCMistley – Eastern League #9Welsh League #6 – Carmarthen



Hannah Payton wins again at CX National Trophy Series (British Cycling)


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Photo of the Week


“Lynn Hamel rode a giant chocolate Labrador up the hill. Backwards.” (© Steve Rush)