Women’s Team Series gets underway with 1-2 for Ellmore Composite team

WTS Round 1
Milton Keynes

There are lambs in the fields, daffodils for sale on every petrol station forecourt and the supermarkets have been piled high with Easter eggs for three months – that means it’s Spring, and that means the Women’s Team Series is up and running again for another year. Simon Blackwell was in Milton Keynes for the first round.

The 2019 women’s team series kicked off at the Milton-Keynes Bowl with sixty riders meeting for an hour of hectic racing around the roads of the showground in very blustery conditions.

A fast-paced start saw the race led in the early stages by Sian Botteley (Cycle Team On Form), but soon the Ellmore Clothing composite team came to the fore and within a couple of laps the race had split into two main groups and a few collections of stragglers.

With the Ellmore Clothing riders always prominent, this arrangement was maintained for the next hour until the team’s Jessica Finney made the decisive move three laps from the chequered flag. Jumping away as the lead group slowed on the climb to the finish, Finney created a gap she would maintain to the finish. Team mate Leah Dixon crossed the line a few seconds latter for second place, hotly followed by Jo Tindley (Campinense-Velo Performance) took 3rd.

With the race over, Neutral Service caught up with Jessica for a quick discussion on how events had played out.

Neutral Service: How was that for you today ?
Jessica Finney: That was really good, it was my first race back, so winning was really good. We worked well as a team and it paid off because we got the 1,2!
NS: What was the plan ?
JF: It was to ride hard and break up the group which is what Leah Dixon did a really good job of at the start and when there was a lull to just attack.
NS: When did you decide to make that final attack ?
JF: The 3rd to last lap was quite slow, people were thinking about the sprint finish, I didn’t want a sprint finish, so when it slowed on the hill I just went, it broke up the group and I luckily I got away.
NS: Thanks Jessica, and all the best for the rest of the Women’s Team Series!

More photos below the results!

Top Ten
1 Jessica Finney (Ellmore/Brother UK-Tifosi pb OnForm; Cat. 2)
2 Leah Dixon (Ellmore/Brother UK-Tifosi pb OnForm; Cat. 2)
3 Jo Tindley (Campinense-Velo Performance; Cat. 1)
4 Georgia Hilleard (OnForm; Cat. 3)
5 Holly Hoy (OnForm; Cat. 2)
6 Jayati Hine (University of Sheffield CC; Cat. 3)
7 Keira McVitty (Isorex NoAqua; Cat. 2)
8 Elena Spanou (EmpellaCyclo-Cross.com; Cat. 2)
9 Kate Wootton (OnForm; Cat. 1)
10 Nicole Oh (Les Filles; Cat. 2)
Full Result

Team Standings After Round 1
1 OnForm 249 points
2 OnForm Juniors 167 points
3 Empella Cyclo Cross 126 points
4 I.O.M Ladies 95 points
5 TW1 Racing 94 points
6 1904 RT 75 points
7 Team Boompods 73 points
8 Team Vision Innovative 70 points
9 Datalynx Parenesis 62 points
10 Avid Sports 59 points
=10 Liv-Awol-Spok’d 59 points
12 Les Filles 55 points
13 RST/Cycle Division 42 points
14 Team 22 23 points


You want more?! Oh alright – here you go.

All text and photos © Neutral Service / Simon F. Blackwell