Women’s CiCLE Classic cancelled

Cicle-Womens-logo-300x133Organisers of the Women’s CiCLE Classic, which was due to take place on the 18th of May and was part of the 2014 British Women’s Road Series, have announced that the race is cancelled. Confirmation has since been provided by British Cycling.

“After the successful introduction of the first Junior CiCLE Classic alongside the established International race last weekend, we remain committed to promoting similarly a quality race for Women on the Domestic race calendar,” director Colin Clews told Velo UK. “However, we are not prepared to stage a race that we would consider to be ‘sub-standard’ and below what the women deserve. We trust that all concerned will understand this decision and the reasons why it has been taken. Rest assured however, the race WILL go ahead in the future!”

The men’s CiCLE Classic has been called “Britain’s Belgian Classic” and, according to some, is even harder than Paris-Roubaix; as a result, the women’s event had been eagerly anticipated by riders and fans alike who have been calling for a race on similar roads to those featured in Paris-Roubaix and the Flemish Classics.