UK Domestic Transfer News 2015/16 – Version 2!


TransfersWe’re well into Transfer Season now with numerous teams having already announced their full 2016 line-ups, while several others have almost filled all their places.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the most complete list of transfers, new teams and team closures in British women’s cycling anywhere on the internet – keep checking back for the latest news.

Finally, we’re able to reveal the big news we’ve been promising for months – Nikki Juniper’s new team Ford Ecoboost!


3C CycleExperience

If you’ve been to any races in the Southern region this year, you may already be familiar with the name 3C CycleExperience – the team was set up earlier this year with the aim of bringing together like-minded female cyclists who wanted to race.

Sponsors CycleExperience (a bike shop based in Hythe) and Really Useful Box apparently like the exposure they’ve received, because in 2016 the team has the backing to establish itself at regional races.






Mel Brand joins Aprire-HSS

Aprire-HSS will continue in 2016, despite rumours suggesting otherwise, and began announcing the new roster at Christmas… follow the team on Facebook for the latest news

Joining: Emily McLoughlin (from PMR@Toachim House), Mel Brand (from Ikon-Mazda), Louise Laker (from PMR@Toachim House), Lucy Chittenden (from Bonito Squadra Corse), Sophie Lankford (from WNT), Agata Woznicka, Alex Jenkins (from Onit)


Staying: Lucy Harper



Bikeshed-Exeter University have new backing from Bianchi UK, in addition to support from Kalas Sportswear, Torq and Grupetto Coffee. More details here.

Joining: Jess Duffy (from Feather Cycles)


Staying: Emma Cockcroft, Lucy Gowing, Alex Sheehan, Bethan Stubbs



Rumour has had it for some time now that the relaunched Boardman brand would herald – along with a new range of bikes and a new logo without the C – a women’s team. Cycling Weekly featured one of the new bikes in late December and gave the team a mention… so keep listening.

British Cycling Endurance Team

Joining: Emily Kay, Danni Khan, Emily Nelson, Manon Lloyd, Mel Lowther, Annasley Park, Abbie Dentus, Megan Barker.

Bonito Squadra Corse

Bonito will continue in 2016 (it hasn’t closed, as we previously reported), but on a smaller scale. More news to come


Leaving: Evgenia Illinskaya (to Vertex-PedalPowerSport), Lucy Chittenden (to Aprire-HSS)


Carnac-Planet X

More news from the team soon.


Leaving: Sarah Cramoysan (to Vertex)


Corley Cycles-Drops RT

Corley Cycles-Drops RT continue through the winter for cyclocross. Corley Cycles will also link up with the Matrix Fitness team in 2016 – see the entry for Matrix Fitness p/b Corley Cycles for more details.

De Ver Cycles




Drops Cycling

See “UCI Teams” below



One of 2015’s (many) success stories with their easily-recognised green jerseys in evidence everywhere from local West Country events to the National Championships, eliteVelo-Kalas have new sponsors for their second year which has permitted them to take on new riders.

Joining: Grace Jordan, Claire Parkin, Hetty Summerhayes (from Mid-Devon CC), Sophie Williams (from Cardiff JIF), Karen Wyle Smith

Leaving: Sophie Black (to RP Racing),

Staying: Julia Hesselberg, Jenny Powell, Alice Staniford, Hester Stembridge

The team will also feature an “associates” squad made up of Francesca Morgans-Slader along with Tim Carpenter, Thomas Rutter, Thomas Staniford and Roy Wyle Smith.

New sponsors Costa Cycling Experience, Bloc Eyewear, Kask helmets, and Ride Plymouth join eliteVelo Cycle Coaching,  Kalas Sportswear,  Powerbreathe and PDT Strength and Conditioning in backing the team.



Velosport becomes Footon-Velosport – and Hayley Edwards, pictured here at the 2015 Tickhill GP, remains on the team.

Velosport is to link up with Italian team Servetto-Footon in 2016, in order to offer British riders a bridge into European racing and the professional UCI teams. Sponsorship from Velosport, CychoCycle and SPIN will continue, with new support from Footon.

Joining: Verena Eberhardt (from Des Sprinters Malderen), Virginia Cancellieri, Hetty Niblett, Jayati Hine (from RST), Josephine Gilbert (from Velosure-Starley Primal)

Leaving: Hayley Simmonds (to UCI Professional team United HealthCare)

Staying: Hayley Edwards

Ford Ecoboost

New team created by National Circuit Race Champ Nikki Juniper, whose 2015 Giordana-Triton squad closed at the end of the season. And what a team it is – big names and a big sponsor; we’re going to see them ripping some races apart in 2016!

Ford Ecoboost is unveiled

Joining: Nikki Juniper (from Giordana-Triton), Charline Joiner (from WNT), Henrietta Colborne (from Jadan), Lizzie Holden (from Giordana-Triton), Charlotte Broughton (Corley-Drops), Julie Erskine (from Ikon-Mazda) and Anna Turvey (from Pearl Izumi-Sports Tours International) along with two development riders Clover Murray (from Corley-Drops) and Adele Martin (from PMR@Toachim House).


Big name riders, big name sponsor – Nikki Juniper’s new team Ford Ecoboost are big news!

Fusion RT-Gearclub-Bike Science

Joining: Angela Hibbs (Team WattCycle), Ashleigh Fraser (Deeside Thistle CC), Fiona Hunter-Johnston (Onit WRT)

Leaving: Rebecca Durrell (to Drops RT), Natalie Grinczer (to WNT)

Staying: Ellie Campbell, Sophie Faulkner, Jennifer Holden, Jennifer Hudson, Elizabeth Malins, Elizabeth Stedman, Gillian Taylor



Leaving: Gabriella Nordin and Alice Lethbridge (to Starley)



See Liv CC-Epic Coaching



Team closed


Team closed



Leaving: Frankie White (to Team 22), Henrietta Colborne (to Ford Ecoboost), Annabel Sill (to Kinetic Cycles Welwyn Racing)


Kinetic Cycles Welwyn Racing


Kinetic Cycles Welwyn Racing is geared up to developing new talent, with a selection of experienced riders – including Ellie Cadzow – on had to impart their knowledge

A brand new team put together by the Welwyn Wheelers club, with backing from Kinetic Cycles. Geared up to developing new talent, the team will take in promising new riders so that they can benefit from the knowledge of its experienced members.

Press Release

“We are pleased to announce the formation of a new Women’s Race Team, Kinetic Cycles Welwyn Racing.

Kinetic Cycles Welwyn Racing will comprise of seven riders from the Eastern Region and will target both Regional and National level road races in 2016.

Team Sponsors Kinetic Cycles of Welwyn Garden City and Hitchin, will provide bikes, equipment and maintenance support. The base and management of the team will be drawn from the Welwyn Wheelers Cycle Club and a tie in with the club will be maintained allowing the team access to training facilities, coaches, performance testing, nutrition advice and physiotherapy services.


Sophia Chastell is among the development riders on the new Kinetic Cycles Welwyn Racing squad

The team’s vision is to have a rolling progression of developing riders, mentored by more experienced riders year on year.”

Joining: Kathryn Anderson (Welwyn Wheelers), Anna Carter (from Lea Valley Youth), Ellie Cadzow (from PMR@Toachim House, but an existing member of Welwyn Wheelers), Gaia Casciello (Welwyn Wheelers), Sophia Chastell (from M&D Fusion), Rebecca Maynard (Welwyn Wheelers), Annabel Sill (from Jadan)

Les Filles


Clem Copie joins Les Filles for 2016

Press release: “Les Filles RT are entering into their 4th season and are proud to continue as an established team in the UK women’s peloton. One of the aims of the team is to provide opportunities for more mature (in age) riders, who are not interested in making cycling a career, to test themselves against the best in the country. They will again target Elite and National level road events, with the addition of several trips and races abroad.

Les Filles has essentially remained a London-based team to enable them to train and socialise together. As time-poor racers with full-time jobs and/or dependants, they will once again be faced with the challenge of balancing careers, family, training and racing.

Les Filles are grateful for ongoing support from Imperial Cycles Workshop in Isleworth (, who run the popular Imperial Winter Series, which had outstanding numbers in their women’s races last year. Wildoo ( have extended their support for 2016, supplying race kit and Velopac accessories ( Jim Clarkson continues with kit design and website (

Les Filles are pleased to announce their 2016 squad. They have retained the majority of their riders with a few exciting additions and personalities.”

Joining: Clemence Copie (from Pearl Izumi-Sports Tours International), Jen Crouch (from Velosport), Sophie Curle (Twickenham CC), Louise Mahe and Alexie Shaw (both from Ikon-Mazda),

Leaving: Jen George (to Drops RT), Kate Hewett (Kate’s not leaving – hey, Les Filles is a lifestyle as much as a team – but won’t race in 2016)

Staying: Delia Beddis, Tracey Corbett, Laura Greenhalgh, Helen McKay, Nicole Oh, Helen Ralston

Coralie Glaunes and Clare Gillott remain with the team, primarily as directeurs sportif but competing in some local races. Vikki Filsell also remains a member and “may be seen at the odd event in 2016.”

Les Rouleurs

A new team.

Joining: Tanya Rogozhina and Jane Dennyson

Liv CC-Epic Coaching

Previously Giant-Halo, Liv CC-Epic Coaching is a newly-independent all-girls junior team managed by Mark Dolan.

Joining: Jess Roberts (from RST), Lauren Murphy (from Welwyn Wheelers), Emily Tillett and Lizzie Bennett (both Cardiff JIF), Becky Raybould (from Poole Wheelers), Freya Thatcher and Pfeiffer Georgi (both Giant-Halo; Youth A)


M&D Cycles/Fusion RT/WORX


Leaving: Megan Chard (to PMR@Toachim House), Sophia Chastell (to Kinetic Cycles Welwyn Racing)


Manilla Cycling

The Manilla CC has announced it will field a nine-strong women’s team in 2016. Follow them on Facebook for the latest developments. The team posted a photograph of some t-shirts with riders’ names on them, going by that the squad appears to be…

Joining: Nicola Parker-Bell, Julia Macchi, Nikki Metcalfe, Pam Greer, Hazel Wright, Heather Wesson, Jan Bromley

Matrix Fitness p/b Corley Cycles


2015 Matrix riders Mel Lowther and Lucy Shaw are off to pastures new

It must have been a tough decision, but Matrix Fitness has elected to end its time as a UCI team. However, being Matrix – which, of course, is owned and managed by Stef Wyman, who has done more for women’s cycling than just about anyone else – it’s been decided that the team structure can be put to good use assisting aspiring riders and giving them the support they need to move up into the higher ranks.

The team retains the backing of Matrix Fitness, a company which has become one of the biggest backers of women’s cycling over the last few years, along with Trek UK (Trek, of course, need no introduction) and Milltag (my Milltag Matrix jersey is actually the nicest item of clothing I’ve ever owned, including my Brooks Bros coat). It will also continue to support Laura Trott and Elinor Barker throughout the Olympic year. Read more here

Matrix has also announced a partnership with Corley Cycles, best known in women’s cycling through its sponsorship of the Corley-Drops team. With a large shop, and fantastic workshop facilities, Corley Cycles will provide a key link to the cycling industry itself, as well as helping team riders directly with bike maintenance throughout the season – read more here.

MatrixkitMatrix have also revealed their 2016 team kit, and NS is impressed: it’s completely different to everyone else and last year’s design, but not so different that it’s not immediately recognisable – and also not so different to last year’s design that fans on a budget will be able to buy different items which will match what they already have.

Joining: Isla Rush – more details here (WyndyMilla), Alice Cobb (Racing Chance Foundation), Amira Mellor (Oldfield/Paul Milne Cycles), Lora Turnham (Ikon-Mazda), Corrine Hall (Ikon-Mazda)

Leaving: Mel Lowther (to BC Olympic Programme), Lucy Shaw (to Drops Cycling), Lucy Martin (retiring), Penny Rowson (retired earlier this year), Kim Le Court (Mauritian rider Kim is joining Spanish squad Bizkaia-Durango), Christina Siggaard (the Danish rider is going to Danish team BMS-Birn), Sara Olsson (to Team INPA)

Staying: Laura Trott, Elinor Barker, Harriet Owen





MuleBar Girl-Sigma Sport

Team closed


Onit WRT


Leaving: Fiona Hunter-Johnston (to Fusion RT-Fierlan)


PMR@Toachim House


PMR’s 2016 kit has some subtle differences to last year’s but retains the overall style. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

PMR will have both a road team and track team in 2016. Sophie Lankford (from WNT) and Gemma Sargent (from Racing Chance), originally reported to be joining the team, will not be with PMR next year.

Joining: Megan Chard (from M&D Cycles/Fusion RT/WORX), Maisy Duckworth (from Wolverhampton Wheelers)

Leaving: Ellie Cadzow (to Kinetic Cycles Welwyn Racing), Sophie Coleman (to Drops RT), Ruth Summerford, Adele Martin, Louise Laker (to Aprire-HSS), Emily McLoughlin (to Aprire-HSS)

Staying: Alexis Barnes, Susan Freeburn, Victoria Strila

Track Team: Jennifer Allum, Suzannah Doyle, Sophie Faldo, Amber Joseph (from Palmer Park Velo RT), Claire Lee (from Shaftesbury CC), Emma Towers

Project 51


Leaving: Flora Gillies (to Team 22)


Radeon-Bike Science

Joining: Nicki Carr, Heidi Viles and Lucy Driver (from Somerset RC-Bicycle Chain), Miriam Whitehurst (from VC St Raphael), Fiona Redding (Bristol RC), Hannah Ricketts (Bristol South CC), Nicky Russell


Staying: Lucy Burgess

Ride 24/7



Staying: Alex Stubbs, Diane Moore, Dorothy Liviabella

RP Racing Team


RP’s 2016 kit. NS is impressed – simple, classic, elegant.

This is a team who don’t get anything like as much recognition as they deserve – with both women’s and junior squads, they’re doing loads of work for the future of cycling. Follow them!


Sophie Black moves to the RP Racing Team

Joining: Maddie Gammons (from Sherwood Pines SRAM RT), Sophie Black (from eliteVelo-Kalas), Connie Hudson (from Wolverhampton Wheelers), Gabriella Butler (from Palmer Park Velo RT)


Staying: Natasha Reddy, Emma Clarke

Shutt VR




Starley Pro Cycling

Starley has a new directeur sportif, Graham Pierce, and rumours that the team would not field a women’s squad in 2016 are completely untrue – in fact, Starley Bikes marketing director Nick Fountain explained to Neutral Service that the team’s sponsors are reporting a greater returns on their investment in the women’s team than the men’s – and so they’ll be focusing on the women next year.


Tanya Griffiths remains with Starley

The full line-up of eleven riders was revealed on New Year’s Day – keep an eye on this team, they’re going to be a real force to be reckoned with in 2016.

More news expected around New Year!

Joining: Gabriella Nordin and Alice Lethbridge (from GB Cycles), Lauren Kirchel (from Chelmer CC), Eve Dixon (from Team 22), Autumn Collins, Hilde Oudman, Claire Swoboda

Leaving: Jose Gilbert (to Footon-Velosport)

Staying: Gaby Leveridge, Sian Botteley, Tanya Griffiths, Emily Attfield

Team WattCycle

Team closing; however, Manilla Cycling, the club that created the team, will run a new nine-strong women’s team consisting of several WattCycle members.

Team 22


Savannah Morgan is one of eleven new riders at Team 22

Team 22, always a favourite of Neutral Service because of how much work they do for the sport, has secured new sponsorship allowing six new riders to be recruited.

Joining: Flora Gillies (from Project 51), Rachel Crighton (from Dundee Thistle)*, Savannah Morgan (from Liverpool Century), Frankie White (from Jadan), Charli Alston and Charlotte Gibson (both from Sports City Velo), Rosa Martin (from PH Mas), Libby Denby (from Paul Milnes Cycles), Sam Verrill (from Speedflex), Lucy Lee (from Marsh Trax RT), Phoebe Martin (from Cadence Sport)

Leaving: Vanessa Whitfield (to Racing Chance)**, Eve Dixon (to Starley)

Staying: Jess Atkinson, Sarah Rose, Claire Martin, Jen Edwards, Jo Blakeley, Gina Riley

*Cat. 3 Rachel Crighton was 22nd at the Crit on the Campus earlier this year and came second behind Julie Erskine at the Kinross CC Ochils RR in September, her best result of the season following several top ten finishes.

**Vanessa Whitfield is moving to Racing Chance in order to be eligible for local time trials.





VC St Raphael


Leaving: Miriam Whitehurt (to Radeon-Bike Science)




Leaving: Laura Morgan (read more here)

Staying: Sinead Burke, Nicky Hartle,Natalie Hodson, Alison Kinloch, Anna Maunder, Lydia Mellen, Ava Oxley-Szilagyi,


Press Release


Could Velo-One’s kit be the most stylish in the 2016 peloton? It’s early days, but it’s certainly a contender!

“With the kind support of our sponsors, we are pleased to announce the launch of Velo-One Cycling Team.

The amateur race team has been created with riders initially from all over Lincolnshire, looking to compete on the Local, National and World stages.

The team will compete across multiple cycling disciplines including Road Racing, Time Trial, Cycle Cross, Mountain Biking and Track.

Velo-One Cycling is created on the following principles:

* Success and Fun

* Team Work

* Encouraging Talent

* Supporting JDRF

Velo-One Cycling has riders, family and friends affected by Type 1 Diabetes. As an Official Supporter of JDRF, we aim to improve awareness through sport.

Although primarily a race team, Velo-One also will look to organise events from rides to evening entertainment through their social arm “Le Grupetto”, with the aim of raising funds for JDRF

For further info please email or visit our website and social media.”

Find them on Twitter and Facebook

Joining: Maddy Verdegaal


Maddy Verdegaal (in front) at the Peterborough round of the 2015 Matrix Tour Series


London’s only all-women track team enters its first full year. More news to come!

Joining: Uma Nu

Leaving: Emma-Jane Hornsby (to VC Londres), Mon Zamojska

Staying: Jessica May


See Footon-Velosport

Velosure-Starley Primal

See Starley Pro Cycling



Another team expanding for 2016 with new sponsorship! Vertex had just one female rider – Emma Coldwell – for most of 2015 with Hannah Righini Brand joining late in the season prior to a shoulder operation, but for 2016 will be home to seven.

“We are all very excited about the new line up!” Emma told Neutral Service. 

Joining: Karen Poole, Annabella Weaver, Christine Marshall and Jenn Batey (all from Team WattCycle), Sarah Cramoysan (Carnac-Planet X), Evgenia Illinskaya (from Bonito)


Staying: Emma Coldwell, Hannah Righini Brand


The Norfolk-based team will close at the end of the season.



WNT were always a tough team to beat; now they’ve got Natalie Grinczer (seen here at the 2015 Nationals) and Keira McVitty onboard too!

What a year it’s been for WNT – it was obvious that, with one of the strongest line-ups ever seen on the UK circuit, the squad was going to be successful, but it exceeded expectations and became one of the top teams right from the start of the season. And now, they’ve become even stronger…!

Joining: Natalie Grinczer (from Fusion RT), Keira McVitty (Giordana-Triton), Bex Rimmington, Corinne Clark

Leaving: Rose Osborne (to Drops RT), Pia de Quint (to new Belgian UCI team Lares-Waowdeals), Sophie Lankford (to Aprire-HSS), Charline Joiner (to Ford Ecoboost)

Staying: Jo Tindley, Hannah Walker, Becca Carter, Lydia Boylan, Sam Burman

Note: Brit Tate will continue to be associated with the team, but due to an intensive university course will not commit to a full racing programme.





UCI Teams

Drops Cycling

Not the new incarnation of Corley Cycles-Drops, but a new team managed by Bob Varney with retired Cheshire Classic winner (and very cool person) Karla Boddy and Tom Varney serving as directeurs sportif. The team announced it had registered to race at UCI level on the 7th of January.

Joining: Abi Van Twisk, Hannah Payton, Becky Womersley (all from Corley Cycles-Drops), Lucy Shaw (from Matrix), Rose Osborne (from WNT), Sophie Coleman (from PMR@Toachim House), Laura Cameron (from London Phoenix CC),  Rebecca Durrell (Rebecca Nixon, she got married in September; from Fusion RT),  Laura Massey (from Ikon-Mazda),  Jen George (from Les Filles), Ellie Dickinson (from Giordana-Triton)

Mentors: Sharon Laws, Louise Robinson, Marijn De Vries

Podium Ambition/Pearl Izumi-Sports Tours International


Gabriella Shaw, seen her winning this year’s Tickhill GP, remains with Podium Ambition

A rumour in early September claimed Pearl Izumi-Sports Tours International were going to become a UCI professional team in 2016; Barney Storey did an admirable job of throwing us off the scent, but this turned out to be true. Best of luck to the team!

Joining: Grace Garner (Giordana-Triton), Amy Gornall, Elizabeth-Jane Harris (Army Cycling Union), Sharon Laws (Bigla), Nicole Moerig, Sara Headley (Tibco-SVB)

Leaving: Ciara Horne (to Brotherton Cycles), Anna Turvey (to Ford Ecoboost)

Staying: Katie Archibald, Lauren Creamer, Katie Curtis, Bethany Hayward, Claire Rose (Galloway), Jo Rowsell-Shand, Gabriella Shaw, Sarah Storey

In addition, the team will include a Scholarships squad made of riders who have previously raced for Pearl Izumi and others from other teams, all racing in Pearl Izumi colours. They are Bethany Crumpton, Monica Dew (Jadan), Beth Taylor (Bonito Squadra Corsa), Nikola Matthews, Kelly Murphy and Ruth Taylor (Manchester Wheelers).


There were plenty of rumours last year, when several riders left, that Wiggle was in difficulty – but then they signed up some of the best riders in Europe and got even stronger.

Joining: Emma Johansson (Orica-AIS), Amy Pieters (Liv-Plantur), Lucy Garner (Liv-Plantur)

Leaving: Eileen Roe (to new Belgian UCI team Lares-Waowdeals)

Staying: Jolien D’hoore, Dani King, Giorgia Bronzini, Elisa Longo Borghini

British Riders


Lizzie Armitstead becomes National RR Champ

Lizzie Armitstead has a multi-year deal with her Boels-Dolmans team which doesn’t expire until at least the end of next year. Now that she’s World Champion, don’t expect things to change for the next few years – there probably aren’t many teams who could afford her.

Hannah Barnes is moving to the team Ronny Lauke is creating from Velocio-SRAM (which closes at the end of the year). Barnes, who won Stage 1 at the Women’s Tour in 2015 and finished fifth overall, was with US team United Healthcare for the last two seasons. Lauke’s new team will ride Canyon bikes (lucky them, eh?), but the name has not been announced.

Lucy Coldwell

Chloe Fraser, previously with Deeside Thistle and a guest for the Racing Chance Foundation, is returning to professional cycling with Basque team Lointek.

Nikki Harris, who is best-known as a cyclo cross rider but has also held National titles on road, track and MTB, is moving from Telenet-Fidea to Boels-Dolmans. The move will give her more opportunity to concentrate on road as well as ‘cross, and she will support team mate Lizzie Armitstead at the Olympic Games in Rio.


Hayley Simmonds – seen here at the National RR Championships a few days after she won the National TT Championships, is turning professional.

Hayley Simmonds is turning professional (no surprise there, after the year she’s had!) with United HealthCare. Simmonds, who will soon complete her PhD at Cambridge, won the National Time Trial Championships in 2015, along with a fine selection of other races and titles in addition to beating some records. Something tells us we ain’t seen nuthin’ yet…

Jessie Walker will remain at Servetto-Footon, where she’ll be joined by fellow Brit Abby-Mae Parkinson (from Giordana-Triton).

Molly Weaver will remain at Liv-Plantur.


RacingChanceFoundationWIrish rider Ciara Doogan will ride for Rytger, which will become a Danish domestic squad rather than a UCI professional team.

The Racing Chance Foundation – a charitable incorporated organisation established with a view to helping promote women’s cycling in the UK, by offering training sessions and coaching from all levels from novice to elite riders, as well as promoting races – mentions big news on the way. Keep an eye on the RCF webpage and their Twitter and Facebook accounts for the lastest news. It’ll be good, whatever it is!