Sue Thackray’s Curlew Cup album

British Cycling’s National Women’s Road Race Series has seriously upped the ante over the last few years with more and more tough races starting up and being added to the competition – precisely what women’s cycling needs, so all those of us who’ve already seen the light and know how good a sport it is can point the unenlightened in the right direction and say “See? It’s easily as good as men’s cycling!”*

One of the toughest is the Curlew Cup, now in its sixth year, which takes place on an extremely difficult parcours including the infamous Ryals climb. Neither of us were able to get there; fortunately Sue Thackray – mother of Sophie Thackray (NCC Group-Kuota-Torelli), who finished in 23rd place – was there and kindly allowed us to use her photos, which you can see below the results.

BC’s official race report is probably the best way to find out what we can’t tell you – find it here.

1 Julie Erskine (Team OnForm; Cat. 1) 60pts
2 Hannah Payton (Drops; Cat. 2) 52pts
3 Georgina Panchaud (Bianchi Dama UK; Cat. 2) 45pts
4 Chanel Mason (Storey Racing; Cat. 1) 40pts
5 Emily Nelson (Breeze; Elite) 35pts
6 Katie Archibald (WNT; Elite) 31pts
7 Neah Evans (Storey Racing; Elite) 27pts
8 Laura Massey (Drops; Cat. 1) 23pts
9 Melissa Lowther (Breeze; Cat. 1) 20pts
10 Natalie Grinczer (WNT; Cat. 1) 17pts
11 Genevieve Whitson (Isorex; Cat. 2) 15pts
12 Eleanor Dickinson (Breeze; Elite) 13pts
13 Annasley Park (Drops; Elite) 11pts
14 Charmaine Porter (Ford Ecoboost; Cat. 2) 9pts
15 Megan Barker (Breeze; Cat. 1) 7pts
16 Abigail Van Twisk (Drops; Cat. 2) 6pts
17 Elizabeth Banks (SunSport Velo; Cat. 2) 5pts
18 Gabriella Shaw (WNT; Cat. 1) 3pts
19 Rose Osborne (Drops; Cat. 2) 2pts
20 Charlotte Colclough (Bianchi Dama UK; Cat. 2) 1pts



*It’s actually better, of course, but muggles aren’t yet ready for the truth 🙂