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Bex Rimmington leaves Ikon-Mazda

Rebecca Rimmington, who won the E/1/2/3/4 event at the second round of the Total Cycle Coach Women’s Series and came eighth overall at the notoriously tough Tour of the Reservoir back in April, announced via Facebook that she is to leave Ikon-Mazda, the team for which she has ridden since the start of this season after spending last year sponsored by Merlin Cycles.

Bex did not initially say what she had planned next next, but said she “cannot thank [team manager] Phil Weaver enough for offering me a place and all the hard work that he does with women’s cycling” –  however, an Ikon-Mazda tweet reveals that she will be more “European-focused” for the rest of the season.

On Tuesday, at the Motherwell round of the Matrix GP Series, the rider announced that she will be racing with Rene Groot’s Aprire-HSS – best of luck to Bex and the team!

Bex on FacebookTour of the Reservoir gallery – Ikon-Mazda


Team 22 triumph at Total Cycle Coach Series #2


Eve Dixon wins at Salt Ayre © Team 22 – more photos

Eve Dixon and Jen Edwards took the top two spots for Team 22 at the second round of the Total Cycle Coach Womens Series on the 19th of May, with team mate Sarah Rose taking fifth.

Frances White (Jadan) filled the remaining place on the podium and Gemma Sargent (Racing Chance Foundation) was fourth. Full results here.

Team 22 have a selection of photographs of the race up on their Facebook page.

Last Week’s Results


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LucyMartinthumbLucy Martin: The road far from Rio

“Women’s cycling really is taking a big step forward in its transition to becoming a more professional and respected sport. It’s about to be restructured with teams able to gain World Tour status just like they have in men’s cycling. Many other strategies have been put in place to gain more public exposure and increase media interest with major stand alone events like the ‘Aviva Women’s Tour’ bringing huge crowds, and not just from men’s spectators watching whilst they wait. On the surface it all appears to be moving in the right direction, but other aspects of women’s cycling seem to be going unnoticed…” Read more

SineadBurkethumbSinead Burke: A season update

“Busy busy busy! So busy I’ve not had time to write about anything I’ve been up to. Looking back, my last update was on Pimbo, a whole 2 months ago. Poor effort on my part. So here’s a recap! Truthfully, I’ve not really got my teeth into the race season this year. Thanks to a combination of work, uni essays and general life, I’ve struggled for time and energy to train properly – meaning my performance has suffered. Poor performance and tiredness equals less motivation to train, a bit of a vicious cycle I’d fallen into…” Read more

AdeleMitchellthumbAdele Mitchell: Matrix Fitness Grand Prix Series – 2014 photo blog

“The Matrix Fitness Grand Prix Series, 19th May – 11th June 2015, is a women’s event that runs alongside the men’s Pearl Izumi Tour Series. It consists of five rounds on city centre circuits and, if you’re anywhere near Redditch, Motherwell, Croydon, Peterborough or Bath then I heartily recommend you take an evening out to go along and watch. Last year I got a ‘back stage’ press pass for the Woking event. It was a fantastic opportunity to witness an event from warm up to post-race interviews, as well as see top riders such as Sarah Storey, Eileen Roe and Helen Wyman in action. And the sun shone, which always helps a photo pop…” Read more

HelenHarristhumbHelen Harris at Here come the girls

“Since getting more seriously in to cycling, I have been thrilled to see the number of female riders in my local group increase, to the point where we now regularly host ladies only rides and are beginning to coax more of the spouses of the male contingent out on to two wheels too. And what’s even better is that I know this increase is not unique to Yaxley Riders, with initiatives like #thisgirlcan and British Cycling’s Breeze Champions, women everywhere are being encouraged to get active, and this is something I am fully behind…” Read more

LucyLungesThumbLucy Lunges: Race Training Session with the Women’s Eastern Racing League

“This year has been all about trying new experiences and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. Whether it’s cycling up a mountain or swimming in the sea, I’ve faced my fears and learned how much I can achieve when I believe in myself. When I saw a post about a women’s road racing course over on Christine’s blog, I was intrigued and terrified at the same time. The Women’s Eastern Racing League were organising a second running of the course at Redbridge Cycling Centre, which is very local to me. I nervously signed up…” Read more


Milk Race in pictures