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Cat. 4 race for the East?

Having trained fifty new riders at its Redbridge training sessions, the Women’s Eastern Racing League wonders if anyone might be interested in organising a race for them?



Such a race would be relatively easy to put on alongside another event, be it a women’s or men’s race or, as is commonly the case nowadays, featuring both. Give ’em a decent competition (ie a worthwhile amount of time on the parcours, rather than fifteen minutes squeezed in between other races) and you’ll get a decent race in return – and if you want to know more about how to ensure your event attracts female riders, WERL can offer expert advice.


Regional Championships Reports


Proposed new cycling facilities for East of England

CSVMore cycling news from the East: the proposed “sports village” at Cambridge will (if it’s built) include a 1.6km cycling circuit and a 250m track – very much needed in the region as riders currently have to travel all the way to Redbridge to use similar facilities which, for those who don’t live along the M11 corridor, is quite a trip.

The proposed site, which is easy to reach by car or public transport (and, of course, by bike), is on greenbelt land; however, with Cambridge growing fast it’s likely to be built on sooner or later so it seems we might as well try to ensure it’s put to a use that benefits women’s cycling. The sport is, after all, growing all the time and with more tracks such as this one, which can be used for beginner events and for races, it’ll only get bigger.

The Cambridge Community Sporting Trust is currently seeking comments from the public – our opportunity to show them how valuable the sports village can be, especially for women’s cycling.


New women-only track team for London

It’s not every day that a new track team arrives on the British scene, let alone one run purely for female riders and for their benefit. However, with track cycling increasing in popularity all the time thanks to the continuing success of Laura Trott, Jo Rowsell, Sarah Storey and the rest and the Olympics now very close, these are exciting times – so a new team offers potential sponsors a chance to get involved in a sport that will pay back.

The team, set up by London-based rider Jess May, is VelociPosse and we’ll have a full article on what they’re up to in the very near future. In the meantime you can read about their plans here and interested parties can speak to Jess to find out more.




Equal Prizes at Shrewsbury GP

Long one of the most exciting crits in the UK and, since last year an annual event, the legendary Shrewsbury Grand Prix has joined the ever-growing list of races that offer equal prize money to male and female winners.

The event, which takes place on a tight, technical and partially cobbled circuit in the town centre on the 31st of May, has a total prize fund of £4000 with £750 each for the winners of the two main events. Last year, the women’s race was won by Brit Tate (then GB Cycles, now WNT) who worked with Harriet Owen (Matrix) and Lydia Gurley (then Merlin, now Bonito Squadra Corse) in the final laps to keep Olympian Jo Rowsell from victory.

Entry for the women’s race is still available, priced at £19.



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“Well, the creative juices stopped flowing recently. After orders from the Doctor to stop training and to stop racing… I was bitterly disappointed at having to cancel all the races I had entered for the start of my 2015 season. This hit me hard and its not something I have experienced before. There are no short cuts when you train – and training not only takes up valuable time, but much of the time it also involves putting yourself through some quite intense pain…” Read more

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