Round 3, Spanish Women’s Cup

Lointek made a lot of British friends when they competed at the Women’s Tour in May, with their friendliness and sense of fun making them popular with everyone who took the time to say hello before each stage. Here’s a report describing how they got on at the third round of the Spanish Women’s Cup at the weekend, written by Marcos Marín Martín – better known on Twitter as Mi Ciclismo.


Villamediana de Iregua in La Rioja hosted the third round of the Spanish Cycling Cup at the weekend, with Elite and Under-23 riders completing  three laps of a 34.4 km circuit for a total of 103.2km.

The two biggest teams set the pace right from the start with riders from both launching early attacks: the Spanish CX champion Aida Nuño for Lointek and the 19-year-old Lierni Lekuona for Bizkaia-Durango; they would remain in the break for 60 km, but the bunch decided to catch them at that point of the race. Local star Sheyla Gutiérrez (Lointek) wanted to show she was the strongest rider, but her attacks didn’t have the desired effect and soon she was caught.

Another breakaway with a Bizkaia-Durango and a Lointek got a big time gap, up to 4 minutes. Dorleta Eskamendi (Bizkaia-Durango) and Belén López were those two riders who had to fight for the win; in the sprint, as you can see on the video below, Belén was faster and got her second victory of the year.

In the Juniors race, Alba Teruel (Castillo de Onda) won – Alba is one of the four Spanish junior riders who competed last year at the World Championships in Tuscany. In the Cadets the Galician Irene Trabazo (CC Marín) took the win and she leads Spanish Cup GC. Cristina Martínez (Romovi-Rustic Levante) leads the Juniors; Eider Merino (Lointek) leads the U23 (and was the best young rider at the Bira; very much a rider to watch) while Lucía González leads the Elite General Classification.