Roe wins National Circuit Champs


Eileen Roe (image: Starley-Primal)

Matrix-Vulpine piled on the pressure throughout with Jessie Walker’s seemingly unlimited propensity to attack, splitting the bunch as rivals tried to catch her for the three laps during which she led the race. When she wasn’t attacking, her team mate Jo Tindley took over; they might not have got the results they wanted – though 8th (Walker) and 11th (Tindley) isn’t bad in anyone’s book – but without them the race would have been less exciting and the crowd loved them for it.

However, the race would ultimately go to Starley-Primal: Tanya Griffiths did serious damage with an attack of her own after roughly half an hour of racing, then her team mate Eileen Roe, having preserved her strength earlier on,  grabbed an opportunity in the final lap to get off the front and avoid a bunch sprint, then seized victory.

Amy Roberts (Wiggle-Honda) made a last-minute attempt to catch Roe but could not, settling for second place at +02″; Charline Joiner (Pearl Izumi-Sports Tours International), was three seconds behind Roberts for third.

Top Ten
1 Eileen Roe (Starley-Primal) 51’06”
2 Amy Roberts (Wiggle-Honda) +02″
3 Charline Joiner (Pearl Izumi-Sports Tours International) +05″
4 Hannah Walker (Epic-Scott) ST
5 Gabriella Shaw (Pearl Izumi-Sports Tours International) ST
6 Louise Borthwick ST*
7 Lauren Therin (Bonita Squadre Corse) ST
8 Jessie Walker (Matrix-Vulpine) ST
9 Louise Mahe (Mulebar Girl-Sigma Sport) ST
10 Tanya Griffiths (Starley-Primal) +08″

*Borthwick is no longer racing for Matrix-Vulpine, the team having announced her decision to leave in the morning before the race.