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Aoife Doherty

East London Velo Winter Series #6
Aoife Doherty won the sixth round of the East London Velo winter series for the 5th Floor Cycling Club. Team mate Petra Dolejsova was second – a good showing by a new team which is already making a mark on the UK scene.
Note the presence of three other new teams among the results: Velo Schils-Interbike, which grew out of last year’s Carnac-Planet X and is also making an impact with several good results, Kinetic Cycles-Welwyn Racing, which focuses on developing young riders while also providing support to its more experienced members such as Ellie Cadzow, and Nikki Juniper’s Ford Ecoboost – an incredibly strong team sure to take numerous victories as the season progresses.
Cats. 2/3/4
1 Aoife Doherty (5th Floor CC; Cat. 2) 10pts
2 Petra Dolejsova (5th Floor CC; Cat. 2) 8pts
3 Rebecca Johnson (Fast Test RT; Cat. 2) 7pts
4 Clover Murray (Ford Ecoboost; Cat. 2) 6pts
5 Caroline Guest (Velo Schils-Interbike; Cat. 3) 5pts
6 Sophie Edmondson (5th Floor CC; Cat. 2) 4pts
7 Ellie Cadzow (Kinetic Cycles-Welwyn Racing; Cat. 2) 3pts
8 Kat Kimber (Velo Schils-Interbike; Cat. 3) 2pts
9 Rachel Heptonstall (North Road CC; Cat. 3) 1pt
10 Michelle Forster (; Cat. 2) 1pt
11 Hannah Shean (Southend Wheelers)



Harley Pell switched to her road bike and won at the latest LVYCC Moonlight Race

LVYCC Moonlight Race #5
1 Kate Wootton (LVYCC) 3pts
2 Molly Konchesky (Barking & Dagenham CC) 2pts
1 Harley Pell (CC Ashwell) 3pts
2 Melissa Warrilow (Barking & Dagenham CC) 2pts
3 Iona Moir (Barking & Dagenham CC) 1pt
U12 (no points awarded): 1 Eleanor Bolton (LVYCC), 2 Leah Warrilow (Barking & Dagenham CC)



The Valentine’s Day Mas-cx-acre
Junior, Senior, Veteran
1 Erika Allen (VC Moulin; S) 20pts
2 Janet Erskine (Ayr Roads CC; V) 16pts
3 Madeleine Robinson (VC Moulin; S) 12pts
4 Elizabeth Adams (Glasgow Green CC; S) 9pts
5 Kate Carmichael (Hervelo; S) 7pts
6 Yvonne Shaw (Coatbridge Clarion) 0pts
7 Anna Henly 0pts
8 Hazel Golda (Kinross CC) 0pts
9 Jane Sargent 0pts
10 Susan Johnston (Ronde CC; V) 1pt
11 Marion Kennedy, 12 Jess Millar (Johnstone Wheelers; J), 13 Lesley Marshall (Edinburgh RC; V), 14 Carol Middleton (Ythan CC)
DNF Lindsay Arnott (Kinross CC), Justine Paton (Western Titans BMX Club; V)
1 Anna McGorum (Peebles CC) 3pts
1 Anna Flynn (Edinburgh RC) 3pts
2 Eva Young (Pedal Power RT) 2pts
3 Abbie Mason (W Lothian Clarion) 1pt
U12 (no points awarded): 1 Eilidh Shaw (Stirling BC), 2 Katie Galloway (W Lothian Clarion), 3 Christina Mcgorum (Peebles CC), 4 Ruby-Soho Smith (Peebles CC),
U10 (no points awarded): 1 Martha Cooper (Carnegie Cyclones), 2 Daisy Taylor (E Kilbride RC), 3 Freya Gibson (KICC), 4 Maisie Tares (Tay Titans), 5 Megan Lacy, 6 Sarah Darling, 7 Zoe Affleck (Dunfermline CC), 8 Anna Birrell (Carnegie Cyclones), 9 Sinead Marr, 10 Rosie Price (Carnegie Cyclones), 11 Isla Johnstone, 12 Anna Harrison, 13 Danielle Drummond (W Lothian Clarion)
U8 (no points awarded): 1 Orla Burn (W Lothian Clarion), 2 Sophie Lacy, 3 Lyla Peoples



Nicola Davis

CXNE #13
Junior, Senior, Veteran
1 Nicola Davies (Beacon Wheelers; V) 20pts
2 Karen Poole (; S) 16pts
3 Jen Batey (; S) 12pts
4 Christine Amos-Adams (Chainline CC) 0pts
5 Anna Kay (Nutcracker Racing; J) 7pts
6 Megan Kay (Vieri Velo RC; J) 5pts
7 Susan Rigby (Allen Valley Velo; V) 0pts
8 Lucy Siddle (Allen Valley Velo) 0pts
9 Joanne Allan (; V) 2pts
10 Karen Robertson (Derwentside CC) 0pts
11 Leah Flynn (Tyneside Vagabonds CC), 12 Amanda Waller (Teesdale CRC), 13 Louise Hamilton (Teesdale CRC), 14 Lisa Waistell (Beacon Wheelers), 15 Kate Smith (Teesdale CRC), 16 Pamela Glover (Derwentside CC; V), 17 Catherine Lynn (Hetton Hawks CC), 18 Sandy Cheung, 19 Natalie Batey (Tyne&Wear Fire&Rescue CC; S), 20 Kate Charlton (One Life), 21 Catherine Bent (Border City Wheelers), 22 Caroline Cunningham (Chainline CC), 23 Rose Todhunter (Allen Valley Velo), 24 Joanne Lally (Allen Valley Velo), 25 Melanie King (Houghton CC), 26 Sue Bell (One Life), 27 Cerys Smith (Newcastle Phoenix CC)
1 Olivia Bent (Border City Wheelers) 3pts
2 Marie Lynn (Hetton Hawks CC) 2pts
3 Annie Doron (Beacon Wheelers) 1pt
1 Jasmine Kent (Speedflex RT) 3pts
2 Roisin Lally (Derwentside CC) 2pts
3 Sophie Donaldson (Derwentside CC) 1pt
4 Beth Orchard (Newcastle Phoenix CC)


Our title image this week is Olivia Bent of Border City Wheelers, winner of the U16 race at CXNE #13 

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