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Never Mind The PolloCX
Now here’s an interesting event – not only was the women’s race guaranteed to be women only (“no junior or V50 men,” no matter how many women signed up), the entry fee included a 90-minute women-only coaching session courtesy of the Glasgow Riderz club. That certainly earns NS’s seal of approval.
Senior (No points awarded)
1 Ailsa Curtis (West Lothian Clarion)
2 Aileen Tan
3 Alicia Lawson
4 Yvonne Shaw (Coatbridge Clarion), 5 Anna Henly, 6 Susie Goodwin (Glasgow Green CC), 7 Lindsay Arnott (Kinross CC), 8 Lauren Barr, 9 Alison Morrison, 10 Roseann Kiehlmann, 11 Lynsay Falconer, 12 Nicole Linton, 13 Rebecca Murdoch, 14 Carrie Leighton (Midlothian CC), 15 Claire Larravide
1 Suzy Drummond 0pts
2 Lindsay Branston (RC Cumbernauld & Kilsyth) 4pts
3 Lorna McGregor (Edinburgh RC) 0pts
4 Marion Kennedy, 5 Helen Winton (Stirling BC), 6 Gillian Anderson (VC Astar Anderside), 7 Linda Buchanan, 8 Carole Dick (Stirling BC), 9 Morag Green (Hervelo Cycling), 10 Judith Lane, 11 Julie Nelson (RC Cumbernauld & Kilsyth), 12 Claire Taylor (East Kilbride RC), 13 Fiona Walker (Walkers CC), 14 Michelle Kelly, 15 Caroline Lukes
DNF Justine Paton (Western Titans BMX Club)
1 Anna Shackley (Glasgow Riderz) 3pts
2 Polly Henderson (Stewartry Wheelers) 2pts
3 Estelle Fuller (Edinburgh RC) 1pt
DNF Elizabeth Winton (Stirling BC)
1 Georgia Ferry (Glasgow Riderz) 6pts
2 Katherine Macleod (Edinburgh RC) 4pts
3 Mia Padmanabhan (Falcons CC Bishopbriggs) 3pts
4 Sophie Paterson (Glasgow Riderz) 2pts, 5 Kirsty Hay (E Kilbride RC) 1pt
U12 (No points awarded)
1 Eilidh Shaw (Stirling BC)
2 Skye Donnelly (Glasgow Riderz)
3 Morven Yeoman (E Kilbride RC)
4 Emily Carrick-Anderson (Peebles CC),  5 Christina Mcgorum (Peebles CC), 6 Katie Galloway (W Lothian Clarion), 7 Beatrix Kiehlmann (Falcons CC Bishopbriggs),
8 Fiona Hay (E Kilbride RC),
9 Ellie Hamilton,
10 Kasha Butz (Glasgow Riderz),
11 Mary Bruce (Glasgow Riderz),
12 Una Morrice (Glasgow Riderz),
13 Stella Robb (Glasgow Riderz)
DNF Imani Pereira-James (Glasgow Riderz)
U12 (No points awarded)
1 Daisy Taylor (E Kilbride RC)
2 Martha Cooper (Carnegie Cyclones)
3 Freya Gibson
4 Anna Mackenzie, 5 Ines Morrice (Glasgow Riderz), 6 Millie Gebbie
U10 (No points awarded)
1 Nina Padmanabhan (Falcons CC Bishopbriggs),
2 Daisy Allde,
3 Sofia Farmer
4 Charlotte Gebbie, 5 Louisa Fraser-Noodie



Helen Wyman, Nikki Harris and Delia Beddis on the podium (© Gary Hibbert)

National Cyclocross Championships
Elite/U23/Juniors report. U14/U16/Veteran report.
1 Nikki Harris (Boels-Dolmans) 49’49.2″ 200pts
2 Helen Wyman (Kona-FSA Factory Team) 50’44.4″ 160pts
3 Delia Beddis (Vicious Velo) 55’07” 140pts
4 Diane Lee (Cannondale Girls) 57’41” 120pts
5 Annabel Simpson (Hope Factory Racing) 59’47.2″ 110pts
6 Claire Beaumont (Vicious Velo) 1h02’50” 100pts
7 Flo Dannah 1h05’17” 90pts
8 Ruby Miller (Hargroves-Ridley RT) 1h05’47” 80pts
9 Rebecca Richardson (Hafren CC) 70pts
10 Sarah Barber (North Hampshire RC) 60pts
11 Sam Burman (WNT) 54pts, 12 Ruth Taylor (Manchester Wheelers) 48pts, 13 Lisa Webb (Team Milton Keynes) 44pts, 20 Ellie Cadzow (Welwyn Wheelers) 40pts, 2 Fran Whyte (Bicester Millennium CC) 36pts, 14 Karen Lennox (Team Milton Keynes) 32pts, 13 Suzanne Golder (Team Milton Keynes) 28pts
1 Evie Richards (100% ME; U23) 37’22.5″ 120pts
2 Bethany Crumpton (Boot Out Breast Cancer; U23) 39’14.5″ 102pts
3 Sophie Wright (Renvale RT; J) 39’31.2″ 90pts
4 Ffion James (100% ME; U23 F) 39’53.6″ 78pts, 5 Alice Barnes (100% ME; U23) 40’44.5″ 69pts, 6 Amira Mellor (Oldfield/Paul Milnes Cycles; U23) 41’31.8″ 60pts, 7 Sophie Thackray (Oldfield/Paul Milnes Cycles; J) 42’05.8″ 54pts, 8 Emily Wadsworth (Beeline-Gener8; J) 42’56.2″ 48pts, 9 Rebecca Preece (Red Rose Olympic CC; U23) 43’27.8″ 42pts, 10 Natasha Reddy (RP Racing Team; J) 47’09.1″ 36pts, 11 Hannah Saville (; U23) 47’13.6″ 30pts, 12 Maddie Gammons (SRAM Youth Development; J) 48’25.7″ 27pts, 13 Amy Garner (Welland Valley CC; J) 50’25.6″ 24pts, , 14 Tiffany Fletcher (; U23) 21pts
DNF Sophia Chastell (MnD-Fusion RT-Gearclub; J), Lauren Humphreys (Bonito Squadra Corse; U23)
1 Maddi Smith (Bolsover & District CC) 49’57” 80pts
2 Nicola Davies (Beacon Wheelers) 52’36” 68pts
3 Helen Pattinson (Solent Pirates) 52’36” 60pts
4 Alison Kinloch (PH Mas-VCUK) 53’53” 54pts, 5 Tracey Fletcher ( 54’09” 46pts, 6 Karen Summers (Revolutions Racing) 54’32” 40pts, 7 Martine Verweij (Jewson-M.I. Racing) 55’50” 36pts, 8 Elizabeth Clayton (Lichfield City CC) 56’18” 32pts, 9 Jackie Field (CC Ashwell) 56’27” 28pts, 10 Brenda Callander (Stirling BC) 56’42” 24pts, 11 Pepe Phillips (Rapha CC) 58’05” 0pts, 12 Michelle McCarthy (Bicester Millennium CC) 58’17” 18pts, 13 Ruth Gamwell (Macclesfield Wheelers) 58’40” 16pts, 14 Juliet Horrocks (Hope Factory Racing) 59’17” 14pts, 15 Alison Rushton (Ribble Valley Juniors) 59’23” 12pts, 16 Andrea Rodgers (Norton Wheelers) 1h00’17” 10pts, 17 Julia Matheson (Newcastle (Staffs) Tri Club) 1h01’39” 8pts, 18 Lindsay Clarke (Fenland Clarion) 1h02’17” 6pts, 19 Joanne Allan ( 1h02’30” 4pts, 20 Julia Hawksworth (Southborough & District Wheelers) 1h02’33” 2pts, 21 Julie Phelan (Pro Vision) 1h03’24”, 22 Janet Marsden (Warwickshire Police CC) 1h04’53”, 23 Caroline Mansfield (Nottingham Clarion) 1h05’02”, 24 Nicola Hartle (PH-MAS VCUK Women’s CT), 25 Jayne Cheslin (Stourbridge CC), 26 Pamela Glover (Derwentside CC), 27 Lindsay Nell (Jewson-M.I. Racing)
1 Megan James (Abergavenny RC) 39’39” 120pts
2 Poppy Wildman (Nottingham Clarion) 42’32” 102pts
3 Elspeth Grace (Welwyn Wheelers) 42’56” 90pts
4 Harriet Harnden (Malvern Cycle Sport) 43’04” 78pts, 5 Xan Crees Team ( 44’08” 69pts, 7 Anna McGorum (Peebles CC) 44’50” 60pts, 8 Fiona Turnbull (Speedflex RT) 44’51” 54pts, 10 Lucy Horrocks (Hope Factory Racing) 45’22” 48pts, 11 Cecilia Hime (St Ives CC) 45’36” 42pts, 13 Amy Perryman (Solent Pirates) 46’11” 36pts, 14 Kim Baptista (Nutcracker Racing) 46’21” 30pts, 15 Lily Greenhalgh (East Bradford CC) 46’29” 27pts, 17 Lucy Naylor (Paul Milnes Cycles-Bradford RC) 47’09” 24pts, 18 Katie Scott (Cotswold Veldrijden) 47’18” 21pts, 20 Elena Smith (Fossa Racing) 47’42” 18pts, 22 April Tacey (Leicestershire RC) 48’26” 15pts, 23 Alderney Baker (Corley-Drops) 48’40” 12pts, 27 Emily Ashwood (WXC) 50’38” 9pts, 31 Ruby Boyes (Huddersfield Star Wheelers) 54’37” 6pts, 38 Connie Hayes (CC Hackney) 57’25” 3pts, DNF Olivia Fawcett (Hetton Hawks)
1 Ava Oxley-Szilagyi (PH Mas-VCUK) 43’15” 120pts
2 Maddie Wadsworth (Beeline Bicycles) 43’56” 102pts
3 Eluned King (Towy Riders) 44’42” 90pts
4 Sarah Briggs (Matlock CC) 45’57” 78pts, 5 Anna Wadsworth (Beeline Bicycles) 46’30” 69pts, 6 Anna Flynn (Edinburgh RC) 47’04” 60pts, 7 Amelie Wayte ( 48’26” 54pts, 8 Sophie Lewis (CC Ashwell) 48’43” 48pts, 9 Josie Nelson (MnD-Fusion RT-Gearclub) 49’02” 42pts, 10 Harley Pell (CC Ashwell) 51’36” 36pts, 11 Millie Couzens (Zappi’s CC) 52’27” 30pts, 12 Lotta Mansfield (Nottingham Clarion) 52’48” 27pts, 13 Chloe Hinchliffe (Holmfirth CC) 53’44” 24pts, 14 Olivia Ingham (Pedalsport CC) 54’11” 21pts, 15 Charlotte-Louise McGreevy (WXC) 54’19” 18pts, 16 Emily Conn (Palmer Park Velo) 54’26” 15pts, 17 Roisin Lally (Derwentside CC) 54’49” 12pts, 18 Amy Cantelo (Solent Pirates) 56’14” 9pts, 19 Eva Young (Pedal Power RT) 56’30” 6pts, 20 Rhiannon Tansley (Mid-Shrops Wheelers) 3pts, 21 Libby Smith (Fossa Racing) 0pts, DNF Imogen Chastell (Welwyn Wheelers)



Winning U16 at CXNE #11 Olivia Bent

CXNE #11
Most riders would be happy enough with one victory per weekend, but Ava Oxley-Szilagyi (PH Mas-VCUK) didn’t see her win at the SRAM Notts & Derby League, 02.01) as any reason not to go for this one too – after all, it’s good podium practice a week before the Nationals, isn’t it? It paid off: she’s now National U14 Champion, and NS suspects we’re going to be seeing her pull many more stripey jerseys across the course of her career. Nice one, Ava!
Senior, Junior, Veteran
1 Nicola Davies (Beacon Wheelers; V) 20pts,
2 Alison Kinloch (PH Mas-VCUK; V) 16pts,
3 Karen Poole (Hambleton RC; S) 12pts,
4 Megan Kay (Vieri Velo RC; J) 9pts,
5 Jenn Batey (; S) 7pts,
6 Christine Amos-Adams (Chainline CC) 0pts,
7 Lucy Siddle (Allen Valley Velo) 0pts,
8 Karen Robertson (Derwentside CC) 0pts,
9 Louise Hamilton (Teesdale CRC) 0pts,
10 Sarah Cramoysan (; V) 1pts,
11 Pamela Glover (Derwentside CC; V), 12 Joanne Allan (; V), 13 Kate Smith (Teesdale CRC), 14 Claire Cook (South Shields Velo; S), 15 Amanda Waller (Teesdale CRC), 16 Jemma Ridley (Derwentside CC), 17 Nicola Hartle (PH Mas-VCUK; V), 18 ???, 19 Jackie Brady (Derwentside CC), 20 Kate Charlton (One Life Racing), 21 Melanie King (Houghton CC), 22 Rose Todhunter (Allen Valley Velo), 23 Sue Bell (One Life Racing)
1 Olivia Bent (Border City Wheelers) 3pts
2 Fiona Turnbull (Speedflex RT) 2pts
3 Olivia Fawcett (Hetton Hawks CC) 1pt
DNF Alexandra Rimmer (Mountain Goat Coaching)
1 Ava Oxley-Szilagyi (PH Nas-VCUK) 6pts
2 Jasmine Kent (Speedflex RT) 4pts
3 Roisin Lally (Derwentside CC) 3pts
4 Bethan Nitsch (Derwentside CC) 2pts
5 Beth Orchard (Newcastle Phoenix CC) 1pt


Once in a while, a young rider comes along and you just know she’s headed right to the top. Examples include Nicole Cooke, Marianne Vos and Sophie Wright – who won Eastern League #17 and, a week later, the Juniors class at the National Champs

Eastern League-Iceni Velo Duff Morgan Cross #17
Senior, Junior, Veteran
1 Sophie Wright (Renvale RT; J) 20pts
2 Sophia Chastell (MnD Fusion RT-Gearclub-WORX; J) 16pts
3 Anna Buick (Newdales Cycles RT; S) 12pts
4 Louise Foley (Cambridge CC) 0pts
5 Joanne Newstead (Elmy Cycles RT; V) 7pts
6 Gemma Melton (Ipswich BC; S) 5pts
7 Verity Smith (Stowmarket & District CC; S) 4pts
8 Sarah Juggins (S) 0pts,
9 Sarah Maidment (S) 0pts
10 Emma Bond (HKR XC; S) 0pts
11 Jane De Boltz (Ipswich BC; V), 12 Sarah Pateman (Ipswich BC; V), 13 Anna Fraser (CC Ashwell; V), 14 Amy Cole (Iceni Velo), 15 Christina Pettit (Walden Velo), 16 Kirsten Spencer (S), 17 Siobhan Butler (WDMBC/Specialized Ruislip)
1 Elspeth Grace (Welwyn Wheelers) 3pts
2 Holly Hoy (St Ives CC) 2pts
3 Lauren Higham (Welwyn Wheelers) 1pt
4 Connie Hayes (CC Hackney)
1 Harley Pell (CC Ashwell) 6pts
2 Sophie Lewis (CC Ashwell) 4pts
3 Amelia Hopper (Colchester Rovers CC) 3pts
4 Lilly O’Dell (Cambridge Junior CC) 2pts
5 Bethany Barnett (Kings Lynn CC) 1pt

Lincolnshire League – VC Lincoln Cross #14
Senior, Junior, Veteran
1 Julie Elder (Pedal Power Loughborough; S) 3pts
2 Madeleine Gammons (SRAM Youth Development; J) 2pts
3 Sam Burman (WNT; S) 1pts
DNF Sarah Lomas (Nutcracker Racing)
DNF Isabel Darvill (VC Lincoln)
1 Molly Peel (Bourne Wheelers) 3pts
2 Kayleigh Pickworth (VC Lincoln) 2pts
3 Mia Mawson 1pt
U12 (Mixed; no points awarded)
7 Emily Richards (Bourne Wheelers), 12 Penelope Linsdell (Bourne Wheelers),14 Paige Elding (Boston Wheelers),20 Isla Earth, 21 Jessica East (Witham Wheelers),25 Holly Nainby, 27 Megan Kirk (VC Lincoln), 31 Izzy Goodwin, 32 Jessica Woollas, 34 Poppy Cowell, 35 Amelia Heyes


A rider who’s been delivering stand-out performances all season, Beth Crumpton won the W. Mids League #13

BWA West Midlands League #13
Senior, Junior, Veteran
1 Bethany Crumpton (Podium Ambition; S) 20pts
2 Hannah Payton (Kinesis UK; S) 16pts
3 Ceris Styler (Halesowen A&CC; S) 12pts
4 Martine Verweij (Jewson-M.I.Racing-Polypipe; V) 9pts
5 Karen Summers (Revolutions Racing; V) 7pts
6 Amy Garner (Welland Valley CC; J) 5pts
7 Julie Hinch (Brotherton Cycles; S) 4pts
8 Rebecca Simmons (Wolverhampton Wheelers; J) 3pts
9 Claire Murphy (Kenilworth Wheelers) 0pts,
10 Enya Tabram (Coventry RC; S) 1pts
11 Jayne Cheslin (Stourbridge CC), 12 Melissa Baker (Wolverhampton Wheelers; J), 13 Lisa Garside (Paramount CRT), 14 Chloe Ralph (Solihull CC), 15 Roxanne McNaughton (Here Come The Belgians!; S), 16 Rachel Storey (Nova Raiders CC), 17 Lorraine Gaytten (Stourbridge CC)
1 April Tacey (Leicestershire RC) 3pts
2 Jessica Cobbe (Leicestershire RC) 2pts
1 Josie Nelson (MnD Fusion RT-Gearclub-WORX) 6pts
2 Rhiannon Tansley (Mid-Shrops Wheelers) 4pts
3 Eleanor Partridge (Welland Valley CC) 3pts
4 Isla Mason (Redditch Road & Path CC) 2pts
5 Hannah Turnbull (Redditch Road & Path CC) 1pt
U12 (Mixed; no points awarded)
10 Grace Lister (Wolverhampton Wheelers), 15 Amelia Southall (Wolverhampton Wheelers), 16 Ellie Swingell (Redditch Road & Path CC), 18 Holly Styler (Halesowen A&CC), 20 Frances Connolly (Wolverhampton Wheelers), 22 Ella-Mae Fereday (Team Milton Keynes), 26 Fay Garner (Welland Valley CC), 28 Annabel Jones (Stratford CC), 31 Isabella Koren (Wolverhampton Wheelers), 32 Aleksandra Franks (Redditch Road & Path CC)


Charlotte Louise McGreevy won the U14s at the London League #12

London League #12
Senior, Junior, Veteran
1 Emma Lewis (Adalta CC; S) 20pts
2 Caroline Reuter (London Phoenix; V) 16pts
3 Clare Ross (5th Floor CC; S) 12pts
4 Aoife Doherty (5th Floor CC; S) 9pts
5 Adeline Moreau (5th Floor CC; S) 7pts
6 Joanne McRae (Look Mum No Hands!; S) 5pts
7 Julia Hawksworth (Southborough & District Wheelers; V) 4pts
8 Petra Dolejsova (5th Floor CC; S) 3pts
9 Stefanie Lai 0pts
10 Sophie Edmondson (5th Floor CC; S) 1pt
11 Mon Zamojska (Brixton Cycles Club; S), 12 Naomi Gayler, 13 Eleanor Lloyd (Sigma; S), 14 Lesley Wilkinson (Addiscombe CC; V), 15 Hazel Barnes (VC Londres; S), 16 Teena Flatau,17 Natasha Jarman (Dulwich Paragon CC), 18 Caroline Rigby (Thanet RC; V), 19 Celeste Morton (VC Londres)
1 Emily Ashwood (WXC World Racing) 3pts
1 Charlotte-Louise McGreevy (WXC World Racing) 6pts
2 Eva Callinan 4pts
3 Ella Baker (Darenth) 3pts
4 Rachel Young (Bigfoot Go-Ride) 2pts
5 Megan MacMahon (WXC World Racing) 1pt



Another rider with a fine career ahead of her, Ava Oxley-Szilagyi won the U14s at the SRAM Notts & Derby League #11 and then became National Champion in her age group a week later

SRAM Notts and Derby League #11
Senior, Junior, Veteran
1 Maddi Smith (Bolsover & District CC; V) 20pts
2 Kate George (; S) 16pts
3 Tracey Fletcher (; V) 12pts
4 Madeleine Gammons (SRAM Youth Development; J) 9pts
5 Tiffany Fletcher (; S) 7pts
6 Karen Partington (Bolsover & District CC) 0pts
7 Eve Roberts (Derby Mercury RC) 0pts
8 Caroline Mansfield (Nottingham Clarion; V) 3pts
9 Christine Howard (Matlock CC; V) 0pts
10 Zoe Codd (Nottingham Clarion) 0pts
11 Clementine Bird (Nottingham Clarion; J), 12 Eve Lyon (Nutcracker Racing; J), 13 Jane Roberts (Sherwood Pines Cycles-Felt-Enve; V), 14 Rebecca Laurel (Cycle Derby CC; J), 15 Hilary Johnson (Empella; 16 Hannah Clay (4Life Triathlon; S), 17 Trish McPherson (Coalville Wheelers), 18 Joanne Barnett, 19 Jane Nicholson (Matlock CC)
1 Harriet Harnden (Malvern Cycle Sport) 20pts
2 Poppy Wildman (Nottingham Clarion CC) 16pts
3 Xan Crees ( 12pts
4 Elena Smith (Fossa Racing) 9pts, 5 Alice Warbrick (Derby Mercury RC) 7pts, 6 Marianna Kuszynski (Matlock CC) 5pts, 7 Peta Jarvis (4Life Triathlon) 4pts, 8 Sara Gould (Matlock CC) 0pts, 9 Beth Stevens (Cycle Derby CC) 2pts, 10 Grace Barker 0pts
1 Ava Oxley-Szilagyi (PH Mas-VCUK) 6pts
2 Sarah Briggs (Matlock CC) 4pts
3 Lotta Mansfield (Nottingham Clarion) 3pts
4 Lizzy Edge (Nottingham Clarion) 2pts, 5 Alice Crane (Derby Mercury RC) 1pt, 6 Ella Rastall (Heanor Clarion), 7 Codie Strickland (VC Long Eaton), 8 Lucy Buckley (Cycle Derby CC), 9 Libby Smith (Fossa Racing)
U12 (Mixed; no points awarded)
11 Jessica Tiffney (Derby Mercury RC), 17 Annabel Parker (Matlock CC), 20 Florence Lissaman (Rutland Rouleur), 26 Libby Bell (Leicester Forest CC), 27 Grace Longden (Matlock CC), 30 Harriet Limb (Matlock CC), 31 Evie Steed (Bolsover & District CC), 32 Holly Bailey (Heanor Clarion CC), 44 Daisy Nicholson (Matlock CC), 46 Jessica Lea (Team Milton Keynes), 47 Lara Husselbee (Derby Mercury RC), 49 Lola Jamieson (Derby Mercury RC), 50 Niamh Williams, 52 Caitlyn Beardsmore, 54 Annabel Shurbourne, 55 Ella Langston (Derby Mercury RC), 56 Lucy Kuszynski (Matlock CC)



Odd Down Winter Series #3
Cats. 2/3/4
1 Nicki Carr (VC Equipe-Flix; Cat. 2) 10pts
2 Kate Baker (Performance Cycles; Cat. 2) 8pts
3 Miriam Whitehurst (Radeon-Bike Science; Cat. 3) 7pts
4 Phoebe Speck (VC Equipe-Flix; Cat. 2) 6pts
5 Joanne Jago (Performance Cycles; Cat. 2) 5pts
6 Lucy Scott (University of Bath; Cat. 4) 4pts
7 Keri Parton (Royal Air Force; Cat. 4) 3pts
8 Hannah Larbalestier (University of Bath; Cat. 3) 2pts
9 Fiona Redding (Radeon-Bike Science; Cat. 4) 1pt
10 Karen Wyle Smith (eliteVelo-Kalas; Cat. 4) 1pt



Detta Guerrini won the Full Gas Winter Circuits #8

Full Gas Winter Circuits #8
1 Detta Guerrini (London Dynamo; Cat. 1) 3pts
2 Anna Henderson (Lovelo Cinelli RT; Cat. 4) 2pts
3 Melinda Atkinson (Lovelo Cinelli RT; Cat. 4) 1pts
4 Bethany Harrison (Lovelo Cinelli RT; Cat. 4) 0pts