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Young rider assaulted by adult male


Isla Rush with dad Steve at the Tickhill GP (© Dave White)

Many, though by no means all, cyclists will at some point have been threatened with physical violence whilst out riding their bike – unfortunately, some people seem to view cyclists as pests rather than human beings and believe it’s their duty to prevent them going about their legal business. Very few ever experience actual violence though, as Isla Rush did when a stranger walked up to her and struck her on the arm while she was riding near Sheringham in Norfolk.

“I was off-road and this guy walks straight in front of me and punches my arm,” said Isla, describing the incident that took place on Sunday the 28th of December. “They were just walking past, and from what I can remember it could’ve been any man over the age of forty in Sheringham really!”

What’s especially concerning in this case is that Isla is only fifteen years old: assaulting a cyclist is a serious matter, but assaulting a minor, regardless of gender, is another matter entirely. However, Isla was unsure whether or not she should report it.

“My only concerns are that what I can remember about they guy is quite vague and so many people could fall under that category, and there’s been a similar incident near to us and the police were useless and never found who did it,” she told Neutral Service. “It was just such a sudden thing, I couldn’t quite believe it! I’m hoping other people saw because the path was quite busy. Dad’s only apprehension is that bikes might not be allowed along the path, but I couldn’t see any signs saying not to ride along there and neither did the guys I was with.”

“I think I might do in case they are targeting cyclists on purpose, spreading awareness about stuff like that’s important,” she added.

Ten minutes chatting women’s cycling with Isla Rush


Doncaster Crit changes route

The organisers of the Doncaster Cycling Festival Criterium, which attracted 330 riders and proved to be one of the most popular and thrilling British events of 2014, have announced that they will alter the race route when it takes place on the 31st of May in 2015.

Like the majority of crits, the Doncaster circuit is roughly square-shaped with the corners providing the best opportunities for spectators. Details of the changes have not yet been made public, but with numerous roads criss-crossing the area within the square it seems likely that more corners will be added.

Registration for the 2015 edition will be open soon; follow Doncaster Cycle Festival on Facebook to stay up-to-date.


Harrogate Nova RR seeks female riders

Harrogate Nova cycling club is seeking female riders to take part in its road race, due to take place on the 19th of April 2015.

Further details will appear on the club’s website in due course.


Interesting Links

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Photo of the Week


Alison Kinloch putting the 2015 VCUK-Ph Mas kit to the test on a cold ride (© Alison Kinloch)

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