News round-up 27.10-03.11.2014

Sennema wins Nat Hill Climb Champs — Adela Carter wins Round 2, Nat CX Trophy — Spanish riders unite to fight for equality — Transfer News — Interesting Links — Photo(s) of the Week — More to come…

Maryka Sennema wins Hill Climb Championships

…and has kindly written an article for Neutral Service telling us all about it. Read it here!

Maryka’s Twitter

Adela Carter wins Round 2, National CX Trophy

Hope Factory Racing’s Adela Carter won an attack-filled race at Southampton. Andy Whitehouse has a full report at British Cycling.

Top Ten
1 Adela Carter (Hope Factory Racing) 42’58”
2 Merce Pacios Pujado (Beeline Bicycles RT) 43’04”
3 Amira Mellor (Paul Milnes Cycles/Braford Olympic RC) 43’32”
4 Diane Lee (Mulebar Girl-Sigma Sport) 43’54”
5 Hannah Payton (Kinesis Morvelo Project) 44’01”
6 Tamina Oliver (Cotswold Veldrijden) 44’29”
7 Sarah Murray ( 45’14”
8 Ruby Miller (Hargrove Cycles-Ridley RT) 45’40”
9 Verity Appleyard (Brotherton Cycles) 46’13”
10 Sarah Lomas (Nutcracker Racing) 46’15”
Full results with lap times


Spanish riders unite and fight for equality


Prize disparity – as demonstrated at the Karrantza race – remains the norm in cyclocross, and other cycling disciplines (image: RFEC)

Women’s ‘cross does not enjoy a great deal of popularity in Spain despite some Spanish riders having built up a high profile in the sport’s traditional homelands of Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Britain, meaning that start lists tend to be small. To ensure the races are interesting, female riders in the Elite and Junior categories riders compete at the same time as male Juniors and Cadets but start five minutes earlier. However, shortly before the start of the women’s race at the Karrantza CX event, riders were informed shortly before the race that they would be starting all together due to a larger than expected number of (male) Masters. This, combined with the prizes on offer (the winning woman would receive €144, whereas the winning man would receive €360 – 2.5 times as much, and the first ten men to finish would receive prizes whilst only the first five women would be as fortunate. On its own, this probably would have gone unremarked: it’s unfair, but the female riders are used to it), proved to be more than they were were willing to accept.

Taking to social media to vent their anger at being unfairly treated, the dispute snowballed and within just a few hours a movement made up of riders, former riders, athletes from other sports and members of Spanish media had formed. Read about their progress so far on their Facebook page, Ciclistas femeninas que pedimos igualdad (Female cyclists demand equality).

Cobbles & Hills covers the story in more detail; read an autotranslated version here.


UK Transfer News

Penny Rowson will remain with her current team, Matrix-Vulpine, which is moving up to UCI level for 2015.

Wiggle-Honda has signed Nettie Edmondson from Orica-AIS and Chloe Hosking from Hitec Products. Emilia Fahlin’s contract with the team has been extended. From the British domestic circuit, Wiggle has also taken on National Criterium Champion Eileen Roe, previously of Starley-Primal.

Domestic Transfer News

Podium Cafe’s UCI Transfer News

Interesting Links

Helen Wyman blog: Fighting for equality in ‘cross (Cycling News)

Trott beats Vos to London omnium win (BBC Sport)

Afghan women’s cycling team dares to pursue Olympic dream (The Guardian)

Marianne Vos says women’s Tour of Britain shows potential of female cycling (Sky Sports)

When equal rights and equal pay don’t mix (paywall; The Times)


Photo(s) of the Week

Asking if anyone on Twitter had a suitable candidate for Photo of the Week this week returned a whole plethora of results that were simply too good to choose between. So here they are…


At #TakeTheStage with Les Filles RT and Marianne Vos (image © Les Filles RT)


At #TakeTheStage with Les Filles RT and Marianne Vos (image © Les Filles RT)


At #TakeTheStage with Les Filles RT and Marianne Vos (image © Les Filles RT)