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Roe injured in run-up to Nationals

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Eileen Roe pictured at the Peterborough round of the Matrix GP Series last year

National Circuit Race Champion Eileen Roe has suffered a broken knuckle in her right hand less than two weeks before the National Championships are due to take place in Lincolnshire at the end of the month. The crash happened when her tyres lost grip on a level crossing.

The Wiggle-Honda rider was racing at Belgium’s Diamond Tour, where she was supporting her team mate Belgian National Champion Jolien D’hoore who was making her return to racing following a break and went on to win the event after a thrilling final sprint against former World Scratch Race Champion Kelly Druyts (Topsport Vlaanderen-Pro Duo) and World Time Trial Champion Lisa Brennauer (Velocio-SRAM).

The crash that caused the fracture was the second in a little over a week for the Scottish 24-year-old who also came off during the London Nocturne last weekend. On that occasion, despite the crash happening halfway through the event and damage to her gears, she was able to continue and managed a very impressive second place behind fellow Scot Katie Archibald of Pearl Izumi-Sports Tours International; it’s not yet clear if she will be able to take part in the Nationals, but as the break in in the little finger of her right hand – where it would be likely to press against the handlebars when riding on the drops – she’ll be very fortunate to be able to do so.

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Diamond Tour controversy

Meanwhile, Diamond Tour organisers caused controversy by having bikini-clad models parade in front of the podium – termed “an utter disgrace” by Parkhotel Valkenburg rider and journalist Marijn De Vries (click to see her Tweet and a photo of the podium). Margriet Kloppenberg, best known as a cyclo cross rider with the team, raised the issue during sign-on but says, “Only result, he laughed and the girls where embarrassed.”

The Diamond Tour forms part of the Lotto Cycling Cup and much of the initial anger from riders and fans was directed at that organisation, which released the following statement on Twitter:


De Vries replied, “@LottoCyclingCup It’s really good you apologise, but… was there no one of your organisation present at the race who could stop this?”

Although Neutral Service concentrates on British racing, the Diamond Tour is a UCI 1.1 event and as such all women’s cycling fans, who have done so much to get the sport and the riders the respect they deserve, have a say – so use Twitter to thank the Lotto Cup for understanding why this isn’t acceptable and why they need to make sure nothing similar happens again.

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Neutral Service Photos of the Week


Sarah Rose crash at Holme Valley Wheelers 2-Day


Sarah Rose (image: Sarah’s Twitter)

Team 22’s Sarah Rose was fortunate to escape serious injury last week when a horse, frightened by a flag flapping in windy conditions at the roadside, bolted into her path and collided with her. Hayley Simmonds of Velosport, who was right behind her and readying to overtake at the time of the accident, says that the horse’s rider was able to quickly bring the animal under control – read her description in her race report.

Sarah, who took second place in the Great Orme Circuit Races in 2013 and has been adding good results ever since, was initially placed in a neck brace before being taken to hospital but sustained only minor cuts and bruises.

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Neutral Service’s Matrix GP – Peterborough photos

Interesting Links

Hayley Simmonds’ Holme Valley Wheelers 2-Day report (Velosport)


Hayley Simmonds winning the Essex Roads Club’s RR

“When I saw on the BC calendar that there was a stage race with a decent length time trial and selective road stages I knew that the Holme Valley Wheelers 2-day would be a good race for me to do. Unfortunately none of the other Velosport girls could join me as they were riding the London Nocturne. In 2014 the race had been dominated by Laura Trott, Jo Rowsell and Elinor Barker who had come top 3 on GC and on almost every stage and so it was no surprise (though still intimidating) to see their names on the start sheet once again this year…” Read more

Women’s sport proves the best buy for business (The Independent)

“For players and spectators it’s fast and skillful; for sponsors it’s now competitive value of money. Everyone’s a winner, it seems, when it comes to women’s sport…” Read more

Can you help Georgina get to Chicago?

PymerLike many British female racing cyclists,’s Georgina Pymer also competes in triathlon – but getting herself, her bike and all her gear there and back from her home in England (and having a bit of cash for food and stuff when she’s over there) is going to be expensive. £2000 expensive, in fact.

“It is kind of a big deal since I will be racing in my GB kit representing the UK so it would be awesome to be able to make it to the race,” says Georgina, who turned 23 on Sunday the 14th of June. “Unfortunately the race is in September – 3 months away and I only qualified a few weeks ago, this gives me a very short space of time to raise the funds for the cost of travel, accommodation, race entry and the race kit.”

So, she’s set up a crowdfunding site and, while Neutral Service doesn’t usually mention triathlon much, in this case we think it’s worth doing so in this case. Even if you can only donate a pound, you’ll be able to look at her result in September and say “I helped her do that!”

Georgina’s crowdfunding page



SineadBurkethumbSinead Burke: TOUR SERIES!! Matrix Fitness GP round 2, Motherwell

“Last year, myself and Alison had the chance to dip our toes in at a more elite level and race the Redditch round of the Matrix Fitness women’s GP series. For anybody that doesn’t know, the Tour Series and Matrix Fitness GP series are a televised series of town center crit races, hosted by towns across the UK and attended by some of the top riders in the country – for the women’s race, stars such as Katie Archibald, Laura Trott, Eileen Roe, Jessie Walker, Nikki Juniper and Dame Sarah Storey…” Read more

JessMayThumbJess May: Red Hook Crit London

“I’ve done something stupid. Maybe. I registered up for Red Hook Crit London. The Velociposse girls and I have been talking about it for a while, but it peaked on Tuesday afternoon when everyone decided to bite the bullet and just… sign up. F**k it, right? What’s the worst that could happen (outside of crashing horrifically and breaking my track bike)…” Read more

LauraMorganthumbLaura Morgan: Do what you love, not what you’re told

“This time last year you might remember my topical post on Gender Gaps in Women’s Motorsport. Well it’s TT week again – and I’ve been blessed with the amazing opportunity of working with the team who do timing for the event. It’s literally been the best two weeks in my working life by far, broken up in the middle by a quick stage race (more on that soon!). Anyway, I thought I’d follow up with a post on the subject this year…” Read more

SaraOlssonSara Olsson: Frustrating Times

“Hello there, long time no see! I get a lot of questions both about my illness, my current state and why I haven’t been bloging.. 😉 So I figured it’s time to update a bit. So, to answer the biggest questions I get; I’m not well yet and I have no idea right now when I’m gonna be good to go again. If you read about pleurisy on the internet and talk to normal doctors it says 2 weeks of total rest and you’ll be good to live normal again pretty much. Though, living normaly for a pro cyclist or any athlete for that matter is not really living normal in that sense…” Read more

IntrepidSarahIntrepid Sarah: 10 things most road cyclists wish drivers knew

“There’s no doubt about it, road cycling is becoming ever more popular, and rightfully so – it’s a great sport. You get to see amazing new places by bike, challenge yourself, enjoy spending time with like-minded people and that’s before we even mention the coffee and cake stops. However, sharing the road with drivers presents no end of conflict from both sides; both drivers and cyclists behave badly at times, but as a cyclist you are ultimately the more vulnerable one. Here’s 10 things that I think most road cyclists would like drivers to realise…” Read more

LizORiordanthumbLiz O’Riordan: Gran Fondo Stelvio Santini 

“After climbing the Stelvio on the first day of camp, I developed a really bad cough and lost my voice for 3 days, and was starting to doubt whether I would be able to do the race on the Sunday. Lots of niggles and self-doubts:
– I’ve already climbed it once, do I need to do it again?
– I could sign on to get the jersey then spend the day sunbathing.
– I don’t wear cycling caps. Why climb a mountain to get one?
You get the general idea…” Read more

Liz climbed the Stelvio a few days before the Gran Fondo, too. Read about that expedition here