Brits at Ardeche

Two British teams, the Racing Chance Foundation (technically a charity rather than a team) and Corley Cycles-Drops RT are sending squads to compete in the Tour Cycliste Féminin International de l’Ardèche which takes place between the 2nd and 7th of September. In addition,  Corley Cycles-Drops are sending Tamiko Butler from Antigua.

More British riders feature on other teams. Sharon Laws, who at 41 remains one of the strongest climbers in the peloton, is with the Mixte International squad, Lucy Coldwell is with her usual Maxx-Solar team and Jessie Walker is with her team Servetto-Footon.

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RCFJerseyRacing Chance Foundation
Bex Rimmington
Alice Cobb
Amy Gornall
Chloe Fraser
Beth Hayward

CorleyJerseyCorley Cycles-Drops RT
Tamiko Butler
Jennifer George
Laura Massey
Hannah Payton
Becky Womersley
Abi Van Twisk



Stage 1 (02.09) La Voulte to Beauchastel 82.7km (flat)
Stage 2 (03.09) TT St Martin d’Ardèche to Saint Just 10.7km (rolling)
Stage 3 (03.09) Le Pouzin to Cruas 64km (mountain)
Stage 4 (04.09) Privas to Villeneuve de Berg 115.2km (mountain)
Stage 5 (05.09) La Grand Combe to Mont Lozère 97.4km (high mountain)
Stage 6 (06.09) Pierrelatte to Grignan 136.3km (mountain)
Stage 7 (07.09) Saint Sauveur de Montagut to Vallon Pont D’Arc 128.3km (mountain)
Technical manual

We’ll have results and, when possible, reports here on Neutral Service throughout the race, and will hopefully have a report from one of the riders soon after the race.

Top Brit tip: Abi Van Twisk might surprise a lot of riders from the bigger UCI teams in the mountains!


Team 22 and EliteVelo-Kalas expanding

Team22Last month, British Cycling coach and women’s cycling stalwart Colin Batchelor anounced that having secured new sponsorship for 2016 he would be expanding Team 22 and making room for five new riders.

“I’m going to start announcing new signings in the next week or so,” he tells Neutral Service. “I’m planning to do each rider individually with a few days apart.”

Follow the team on Twitter and Facebook to find out who the new riders are!EVKRTWest Country-based EliteVelo-Kalas, like Team 22, place great emphasis on altruistically promoting women’s cycling as a whole rather than just their own riders. They announced this week that they too are expanding come the new season – if you think you have what it takes to ride and campaign with them, you should have a look at this webpage.




Manchester Wheelers 2-Day Stage Race – see below

Ellon Town Centre Youth Criterium
1 Lusia Steele (Johnstone Wheelers CC) 3pts
2 Georgia Mansfield (Forres CC) 2pts
1 Anna Shackley (Glasgow Riderz) 3pts
2 Georgia Ferry (Glasgow Riderz) 2pts
3 Beth Wilson (Glasgow Riderz) 1pt
4 Anna McGorum (Peebles CC), 5 Georgia Speake (East Kilbride RC), 6 Abby Stewart (Glasgow Riderz)

Ribble Valley Juniors Summer Race #3
U16: 1 Rebecca Gregson (Sportcity Velo) 3pts
U14: 1 Melissa Boylin (Bolton Hot Wheels CC) 3pts, 2 Carys Field (Ribble Valley Juniors) 2pts,
U12 (mixed): 11 Anna Barton (Ribble Valley Juniors) 3pts
U10 (mixed): 6 Imogen Peatfield (Bolton Hot Wheels CC) 3pts, 10 Olivia Miller, 11 Alice Colling (Ribble Valley Juniors) 1pt, 12 Eve Pedley (Ribble Valley Juniors), 15 Victoria Martin
U8 (mixed): 6 Holly McHugh (Team Terminator) 3pts, 7 Martha Wright (Ribble Valley Juniors) 2pts



Julie Erskine won the Feew-side RR. Read her report from the Tour of Norway here

Feew-side RR
1 Julie Erskine (IKON-Mazda) 30
2 Ashleigh Fraser (Deeside Thistle CC) 25
3 Ellen McDermott (Team WattCycle) 21
4 Natalie Munro (Moray Firth CC) 17
5 Julianna Rourke (Edinburgh RC) 14
6 Claire Martin (Team 22) 12
7 Amanda Tweedie (Deeside Thistle CC) 10
8 Ingrid Kidd (Angus Bike Chain) 8
9 Rachel Crighton (Dundee Thistle RC) 7
10 Alexa Mair (Deeside Thistle CC) 6
11 Emily Middleditch (Deeside Thistle CC) 5
12 Emily Palmer (Glasgow Nightingale CC) 4
13 Debbie Barnett (Aberdeen Wheelers) 3
14 Margaret Anderson (Deeside Thistle CC) 0
15 Flora Gillies (Project 51) 1
16 Polly Tandy (Deeside Thistle CC), 17 Jennifer Crilly (Deeside Thistle CC), 18 Moragh Taylor (Angus Bike Chain), 19 Lulu Bartlett (The Racers), 20 Julie McCulloch
DNS Lynne Fraser (Deeside Thistle CC), Katie Mclean (Glasgow Cycle Team), Catherine Moulton (Carse of Gowrie Velo), Gillian Palmer (Sandy Wallace Cycles)

Manchester Wheelers 2-Day Stage Race – 29-30.08
Cats. 2/3/4
Stage 1 (TT)
1 Lucy Lee (Marsh Tracks RT) 10pts
2 Charlotte Redden (45 Road Club) 8pts
3 Agata Woznicka 7pts
4 Nicola Soden (Carnac-Planet X) 6pts
5 Catherine Waters 5pts
6 Sandra Mackay (Carnac-Planet X) 4pts
7 Alicia Speake (Islington CC) 3pts
8 Janet Burthem (VC Melyd) 2pts
9 Rosemary Homer (Revolutions Racing) 1pt
10 Emma Coldwell (Vertex) 1pt
Stage 2 (Crit)
1 Charlotte Alston (Sportcity Velo) 10pts
2 Lucy Lee (Marsh Tracks RT) 8pts
3 Lorna Fisher (Manchester Wheelers) 7pts
4 Jess Atkinson (Team 22) 6pts
5 Rosemary Homer (Revolutions Racing) 5pts
6 Nicola Soden (Carnac-Planet X) 4pts
7 Hanneke Lourens (Pretorius Bikes) 3pts
8 Alicia Speake (Islington CC) 2pts
9 Agata Woznicka 1pt
10 Gemma Sargent (Racing Chance Foundation) 1pt
Stage 3 (RR)
1 Lucy Lee (Marsh Tracks RT) 10pts
2 Charlotte Alston (Sportcity Velo) 8pts
3 Lauren Kirchel (Chelmer CC) 7pts
4 Gemma Sargent (Racing Chance Foundation) 6pts
5 Jess Atkinson (Team 22) 5pts
6 Nicola Soden (Carnac-Planet X) 4pts
7 Agata Woznicka 3pts
8 Aoife Doherty (London Phoenix CC) 2pts
9 Petra Dolejsova (London Phoenix CC) 1pt
10 Hannah Rhodes-Patterson 1pt
1 Lucy Lee (Marsh Tracks RT) 30pts
2 Charlotte Alston (Sportcity Velo) 25pts
3 Agata Woznicka 21pts
4 Nicola Soden (Carnac-Planet X) 17pts
5 Jess Atkinson (Team 22) 14pts
6 Lauren Kirchel (Chelmer CC) 12pts
7 Gemma Sargent (Racing Chance Foundation) 10pts
8 Aoife Doherty (London Phoenix CC) 8pts
9 Petra Dolejsova (London Phoenix CC) 7pts
10 Hannah Rhodes-Patterson 6pts
11 Sandra Mackay (Carnac-Planet X) 5pts
12 Katherine Kimber (Essex Roads CC) 4pts
13 Lorna Fisher (Manchester Wheelers) 3pts
14 Hanneke Lourens (Pretorius Bikes) 2pts
15 Melanie Bailey (Vision Racing) 1pt
16 Janet Burthem (VC Melyd), 17 Louise Hogg (Liverpool Phoenix CC Aintree), 18 Emma Coldwell (Vertex), 19 Joy Lisney (Cambridge CC), 20 Elizabeth Burrows (Featherstone RC), 21 Laura Seary (Newbury RC), 22 Jenni Muston, 23 Jane Dennyson (London Phoenix CC), 24 Natalie Brooks (Bedfordshire Road CC), 25 Ruth Martin (700CC), 26 Rosemary Homer (Revolutions Racing), 27 Lucinda Kerr (London Phoenix CC), 28 Heather Bamforth (Racing Chance Foundation), 29 Madeleine Scott (VCUK-PH Mas), 30 Catherine Waters, 31 Laura Stafford (Manchester Wheelers)m 32 Elisa McDonagh (WNT), 33 Melissa Greaves (Racing Chance Foundation), 34 Charlotte Mckernon (Rhos-on-Sea CC), 35 Heather Wesson (Team WattCycle), 36 Pamela Challen (Team WattCycle), 37 Sarah Gregson (Sportcity Velo)
DNF Louise Burnie (GB, Sophie Edmondson (Feather Cycles), Laura Ellis (Marsh Tracks RT), Charlotte Redden (45 Road Club), Alicia Speake (Islington CC)
DNS Maxine Filby (Mulebar Girl-Sigma Sport)


Yorkshire’s Lizzie Armitstead won the GP de Plouay – and by doing so clinched the World Cup for a second time. UCI race report here

GP de Plouay-Bretagne
1 Lizzie Armitstead 3h09’26”
9 Elisa Longo Borghini (Wiggle-Honda) ST
20 Giorgia Bronzini (Wiggle-Honda) +41
40 Mayuko Hagiwara (Wiggle-Honda) +2’59”
58 Sharon Laws (Bigla) +5’53”
68 Jessie Walker (Servetto-Footon) ST
69 Molly Weaver (Liv-Plantur) ST
75 Mara Abbott (Wiggle-Honda) ST
79 Audrey Cordon (Wiggle-Honda) +6’17”
DNF Anna Christian (Wiggle-Honda)


York Sport Women’s Cycling Come & Try It! #1
1 Anna Docherty (Clifton CC) 10pts
2 Naomi Johnston (Clifton CC) 8pts
3 Amy Souter (Albarosa CC) 7pts
4 Rebecca Smith (University of Sheffield) 6pts
5 Leah Pheasey (VCUK-PH Mas) 5pts
6 Lucy Lewis 0pts
7 Hannah Farran (Team WattCycle) 3pts
8 Natalie Hodson (VCUK-PH Mas) 2pts
9 Nikki Metcalfe (Team WattCycle) 1pt
10 Pamela Challen (Team WattCycle) 1pt
11 Lisa Fenwick (Giant York Race Team)



Another victory (and more points!) for Bonito’s Annabel Fisher – a rider who has been on top form for the last couple of months

Cycle 4 All LVCA Legacy Supporters League Twilight Series #14
1 Annabel Fisher (Bonito Squadra Corse) 10pts
2 Agata Woznicka 8pts
3 Victoria Collins (London Dynamo) 7pts
4 Molly Patch (CC London) 6pts
5 Hanneke Lourens (Pretorius Bikes) 5pts
6 Corinne Price 4pts
7 Shula Hagan (CC London) 3pts
8 Alicia Speake (Islington CC) 2pts
9 Francesca Morgans-Slader (eliteVelo-Kalas) 1pt
10 Rachel Heptonstall (North Road CC) 1pt
11 Jess Morgan (NLTCBMBC), 12 Jenny Probert (Walkern Revolution CC), 13 Elizabeth Saul (Para-T),
DNF Lucinda Kerr (London Phoenix CC)

Fife Midweek Series #21/Cleish Hillclimb
23 Julianna Rourke (Edinburgh RC) 7’35”
40 Miriam Rennet (Dundee Thistle RC) 9’23”
42 Carolanne Cappie (Kinross CC) 10’04”

Trophée d’Or Féminin – Final GC
UCI 2.2
Winner – Rachel Neylan (Australia National Team) 10h33’38”
31 Jessie Walker (Servetto-Footon) +2’40”
Full results


Tameside Cycling Development Group League #20
U14: 1 Laura Ibbotson (Holmfirth CC) 3pts
U12: 1 Erin Corrigan (Mossley CRT) 3pts
U10: 1 Leah Wilcox (Mossley CRT) 3pts, 2 Megan Rees (Holmfirth CC) 2pts, 3 Mia Howarth (Mossley CRT) 1pts
U8: 1 Megan Lloyd (Harry Middleton CC) 3pts, 2 Holly McHugh (Team Terminator) 2pts



Laura Massey prepares for the start of the CC Sudbury RR, which she won

CC Sudbury Women’s RR
Neutral Service Report
1 Laura Massey (Ikon-Mazda) 30pts
2 Rebecca Womersley ( 25pts
3 Clemence Copie (Pearl Izumi-Sports Tours International) 21pts
4 Tamiko Butler ( 0pts
5 Jennifer George (Les Filles) 14pts
6 Elizabeth-Jane Harris (Army Cycling Union) 12pts
7 Annabel Fisher (Bonito Squadra Corse) 10pts
8 Hannah Payton ( 8pts
9 Karla Boddy (Ikon-Mazda) 7pts
10 Mathilde Pauls (Fusion RT Gearclub Bike Science) 6pts
11 Katy Simcock ( 5pts
12 Abigail Dentus (Velosport) 4pts
13 Georgina Panchaud ( 3pts
14 Jessica Duffy (Feather Cycles) 2pts
15 Rebecca Carter (WNT) 1pt
16 Helen Ralston (Les Filles), 17 Chanel Mason (Army Cycling Union), 18 Helen Baillie-Strong, 19 Nicole Oh (Les Filles), 20 Abi Van Twisk (, 21 Chloe Weller (PMR@Toachim House), 22 Agata Woznicka, 23 Rebecca Johnson (Fast Test), 24 Sophie Edmondson (Feather Cycles), 25 Gemma Melton (Ipswich Bicycle Club), 26 Delia Beddis (Les Filles), 27 Emma Flattery (Kingston Wheelers), 28 Tracy Corbett (Les Filles), 29 Katherine Kimber (Essex Roads CC), 30 Annabel Sill (Jadan), 31 Johanna Brown (Walden Velo), 32 Coralie Glaunes (Les Filles), 33 Rachel Dunn (Welwyn Wheelers), 34 Gemma Hobson


An undisputed star of the future, Sophie Wright was the winning U16 at the Scarborough Festival of Cycling

Dave Rayner Fund Scarborough Festival of Cycling 2015
U16: 1 Sophie Wright (Strada-Sport) 6pts, 2 Pfeiffer Georgi (Giant CC-Halo Films) 4pts, 3 Jenny Holl (Stirling Bike Club) 2pts
U14: 1 Becky Surridge (VC Londres) 6pts, 2 Anna Shackley (Glasgow Riderz) 4pts, 3 Ava Oxley-Szilagyi (VCUK-PH Mas) 2pts
U12: 1 Isabella Escalera (VC Londres) 6pts, 2 Imani Pereira-James (Glasgow Riderz) 4pts, 3 Maya Teufel Tarlton (Lee Valley Youth CC) 2pts
U10: 1 Millie Coleman (Hillingdon Slipstreamers) 6pts, 2 Bethany Bennett (Towy Riders) 4pts, 3 Awen Roberts (Towy Riders) 2pts
U8: 1 Tulsi Bakrania (Team Darenth) 6pts, 2 Iona Jackson (Albarosa CC) 4pts, 3 Ella Harris (Halesowen A & CC) 2pts

World Cup #9 – Crescent Women World Cup Vargarda
19 Lizzie Armitstead (Boels-Dolmans)
41 Dani King (Wiggle-Honda)
DNS Molly Weaver (Liv-Plantur)

Tyne Tees Road League Round 5 – Chapters Hotel & Restaurant Mike Binks Memorial RR
1 Bex Rimmington 30pts
2 Angela Hibbs (Team WattCycle) 25pts
3 Ashleigh Fraser (Deeside Thistle CC) 21pts
4 Emma Coldwell (Team Vertex) 17pts
5 Nikola Matthews (Pearl Izumi-Sports Tours International) 14pts
6 Nikki Metcalfe (Team WattCycle) 12pts
7 Hannah Farran (Team WattCycle) 10pts
8 Hazel Wright (Team WattCycle) 8pts
9 Pamela Challen (Team WattCycle) 7pts

Darley Moor Circuit Races
Cats. 3/4
1 Savannah Morgan (Liverpool Century RC) 10pts
2 Phoebe Martin (Cadence Sport) 8pts
3 Charlotte Parnham (WCS Race Team) 7pts
4 Isabel Darvill (VC Lincoln) 6pts
5 Christine Bertram (Cult Racing) 5pts
6 Lindsey Styler (Racing Chance Foundation) 4pts
7 Hayley Bosworth (Mercia CC-Lloyds Cycles) 3pts
8 Linsey Lyon (Racing Chance Foundation) 2pts
9 Sarah Lewis (Macclesfield Wheelers) 1pt
10 Sian Morris (WCS Race Team) 1pt
U16: 7 Isabel Darvill (VC Lincoln) 3pts, 8 Savannah Morgan (Liverpool Century RC) 2pts, 10 Amelia Cass (North Midlands Youth Squad) 1pt
U14: 4 Hollie Owens (Lichfield City CC) 3pts, 7 Erin Boddice (Wyre Forest CRC) 2pts, 8 Sophie Hindmarsh (Dinnington RC) 1pt
U12: 5 Evelina Black (Eastlands Velo) 3pts
U10: 3 Daisy Nicholson (Matlock CC) 3pts, 4 Lucy Kuszynski (Matlock CC) 2pts

Kinross CC 3-Up TT
Road bikes
1 Pamela Craig, Clare Kerr, Jen Mason (RC Cumbernauld & Kilsyth) 28’37” 0
2 Carolanne Cappie, Kirsteen Ellis, Jane Timperley (Kinross CC) 33’00”



LucyMartinThumbLucy Martin retires – Matrix Pro Cycling

“2005 to 2015, 10 years, thats how long I have been racing as a cyclist. Having come from a non cycling background and picked up by British Cycling Talent team on my school field as a teenager, I look back and realise how lucky I was for that opportunity and how much it went on to change my life…” Read more

AnnaMarieHughesAnna Marie Hughes: John Hinksman Memorial Trophy

“Yesterday was the penultimate round of the National Women’s Team Series at Darley Moor (John Hinksman Memorial Race). I’ve been really looking forward to this race; the course was very flat, with only a small drag up to the finish but the hardest part was the wind because the course was so exposed…” Read more


Photo of the Week


Joy Lisney riding in the Manchester Wheelers 2-Day race (© Ellen Isherwood)