Megan James, Ava Oxley-Szilagi and Maddi Smith are CX Nat Champs

The National Cyclocross Championships kicked off in difficult conditions on Saturday, with sunshine on Friday unable to make much difference to a course turned boggy by a week of heavy rain.


Elspeth Grace took third behind Megan James and Poppy Wildman in the U16s

Poppy Wildman (Nottingham Clarion) was favourite for the U16 race, but once the race was underway it looked as though she was destined to be kept off the podium’s top two steps by Welsh National Champion Megan James (Abergavenny RC) and Harriet Harden (Malvern Cycle Sport) – James’ textbook start saw her take the lead from the gun, with Harnden in hot pursuit. Harnden’s ride was technically spot-on, but unfortunately the day of a race a rider’s targeting and her lucky day do not always coincide: a mechanical problem saw her lose a big chunk of time, taking her out of contention for the win. Then, as though to add insult to injury, a second mechanical cost her more valuable seconds and her chance of winning a medal slipped away. Wildman, who had been waiting in the wings all along, went after James but with the final lap drawing to a close settled for second only a little under three minutes down; while Elspeth Grace (Welwyn Wheelers) swooped in to take third. By all accounts, there was an enormous amount of technical ability on display in this race – British cyclocross has some very talented riders indeed coming up through the ranks, ready to take on the rest of the world in the next few years.


Ava Oxley-Szilagyi owned the U14 race from start to finish. With riders like her coming up through the ranks, British women’s ‘cross is only going to get even more interesting in the next decade

There’s a great deal of ability among the U14s these days too, but by the halfway point of their race it was clear that barring a mechanical or crash Ava Oxley-Szilagyi (PH Mas-VCUK) was headed for victory despite the best efforts of Maddie Wadsworth (Beeline), Eluned King (Towy Riders) and Sarah Briggs (Matlock CC). One person who wasn’t surprised was her PH Mas-VCUK manager Neil Hendry, who – like anyone who has been following Ava’s progress over this season – knew she had what it takes: “12 months ago I promised to make a certain lady National Champion at CX & guess what?” he said. “What a pleasure helping Ava along her journey this season and a huge thanks to everybody who helped us achieve our goal (even grandad) – one happy team manager!”

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The Veterans race held few surprises for anyone who has been following the National Trophy this year: Maddi Smith (Bolsover & District) has put in a number of rides that have been so perfect, her tyres hardly leaving the perfect line through each section, that they’ve been an absolute delight to watch. Fastest away from the line, Smith was untouchable for the remainder of the race and her eventual victory would likely have been no less certain had 2015 Champion Isla Rowntree not have been kept away from the race by illness; Helen Pattinson (Solent Pirates) and Oxley-Szilagyi’s team mate Alison Kinloch fought a fine battle, but it was always one for second and third… or so it seemed, until the final lap, when Nicola Davis (Beacon Wheelers) found what she needed for a burst of speed that took her past Kinloch, then a hair’s-breadth in front of Pattinson and into second place.

1 Megan James (Abergavenny RC) 39’39”
2 Poppy Wildman (Nottingham Clarion) 42’32”
3 Elspeth Grace (Welwyn Wheelers) 42’56”
4 Harriet Harnden (Malvern Cycle Sport) 43’04”, 5 Xan Crees Team ( 44’08”, 7 Anna McGorum (Peebles CC) 44’50”, 8 Fiona Turnbull (Speedflex RT) 44’51”, 10 Lucy Horrocks (Hope Factory Racing) 45’22”, 11 Cecilia Hime (St Ives CC) 45’36”, 13 Amy Perryman (Solent Pirates) 46’11”, 14 Kim Baptista (Nutcracker Racing) 46’21”, 15 Lily Greenhalgh (East Bradford CC) 46’29”, 17 Lucy Naylor (Paul Milnes Cycles-Bradford RC) 47’09”, 18 Katie Scott (Cotswold Veldrijden) 47’18”, 20 Elena Smith (Fossa Racing) 47’42”, 22 April Tacey (Leicestershire RC) 48’26”, 23 Alderney Baker (Corley-Drops) 48’40”, 27 Emily Ashwood (WXC) 50’38”, 31 Ruby Boyes (Huddersfield Star Wheelers) 54’37”, 38 Connie Hayes (CC Hackney) 57’25”, DNF Olivia Fawcett (Hetton Hawks)


Maddi Smith has been a phenomenon in the National Trophy this season – and now she’s National Champion too

1 Ava Oxley-Szilagyi (PH Mas-VCUK) 43’15”
2 Maddie Wadsworth (Beeline Bicycles) 43’56”
3 Eluned King (Towy Riders) 44’42”
4 Sarah Briggs (Matlock CC) 45’57”, 5 Anna Wadsworth (Beeline Bicycles) 46’30”, 6 Anna Flynn (Edinburgh RC) 47’04”, 7 Amelie Wayte ( 48’26”, 8 Sophie Lewis (CC Ashwell) 48’43”, 9 Josie Nelson (MnD-Fusion RT-Gearclub) 49’02”, 10 Harley Pell (CC Ashwell) 51’36”, 11 Millie Couzens (Zappi’s CC) 52’27”, 12 Lotta Mansfield (Nottingham Clarion) 52’48”, 13 Chloe Hinchliffe (Holmfirth CC) 53’44”, 14 Olivia Ingham (Pedalsport CC) 54’11”, 15 Charlotte-Louise McGreevy (WXC) 54’19”, 16 Emily Conn (Palmer Park Velo) 54’26”, 17 Roisin Lally (Derwentside CC) 54’49”, 18 Amy Cantelo (Solent Pirates) 56’14”, 19 Eva Young (Pedal Power RT) 56’30”, 20 Rhiannon Tansley (Mid-Shrops Wheelers), 21 Libby Smith (Fossa Racing), DNF Imogen Chastell (Welwyn Wheelers)

1 Maddi Smith (Bolsover & District CC) 49’57”
2 Nicola Davies (Beacon Wheelers) 52’36”
3 Helen Pattinson (Solent Pirates) 52’36”
4 Alison Kinloch (PH Mas-VCUK) 53’53”, 5 Tracey Fletcher ( 54’09”, 6 Karen Summers (Revolutions Racing) 54’32”, 7 Martine Verweij (Jewson-M.I. Racing) 55’50”, 8 Elizabeth Clayton (Lichfield City CC) 56’18”, 9 Jackie Field (CC Ashwell) 56’27”, 10 Brenda Callander (Stirling BC) 56’42”, 11 Pepe Phillips (Rapha CC) 58’05”, 12 Michelle McCarthy (Bicester Millennium CC) 58’17”, 13 Ruth Gamwell (Macclesfield Wheelers) 58’40”, 14 Juliet Horrocks (Hope Factory Racing) 59’17”, 15 Alison Rushton (Ribble Valley Juniors) 59’23”, 16 Andrea Rodgers (Norton Wheelers) 1h00’17”, 17 Julia Matheson (Newcastle (Staffs) Tri Club) 1h01’39″”, 18 Lindsay Clarke (Fenland Clarion) 1h02’17″”, 19 Joanne Allan ( 1h02’30”, 20 Julia Hawksworth (Southborough & District Wheelers) 1h02’33”, 21 Julie Phelan (Pro Vision) 1h03’24”, 22 Janet Marsden (Warwickshire Police CC) 1h04’53”, 23 Caroline Mansfield (Nottingham Clarion) 1h05’02”, 24 Nicola Hartle (PH-MAS VCUK Women’s CT), 25 Jayne Cheslin (Stourbridge CC), 26 Pamela Glover (Derwentside CC), 27 Lindsay Nell (Jewson-M.I. Racing)

Drops go UCI

Drops, the British team managed by Bob Varney, has moved up to compete at UCI level in its first season.

“The UCI licence provides us with a fantastic opportunity for the team to develop, allowing us to compete in a greater number of and higher quality races,” says the press release announcing the news. “This will ensure that we can continue to offer a realistic pathway to the professional scene of women’s cycling for British riders.

The team is home to several very promising young riders as well as some highly experienced and successful slightly older riders – watching their progress through 2016 promises to be fascinating.

More new races!

CiCLE Classic

CWMA couple of years ago, the organisers of the (in)famous CiCLE Classic, a race that Cycling Weekly described as “tougher than Paris-Roubaix,” announced they were going to have a women’s race. Then it didn’t happen, but for the right reasons: “After the successful introduction of the first Junior CiCLE Classic alongside the established International race last weekend, we remain committed to promoting similarly a quality race for Women on the Domestic race calendar,” explained race director Colin Clews. “However, we are not prepared to stage a race that we would consider to be ‘sub-standard’ and below what the women deserve. Rest assured however, the race WILL go ahead in the future!”

2016, it seems, is the future: thanks to an anonymous private backer (this isn’t the first time this individual has shown real philanthropy towards women’s cycling – you know who you are!), a women’s race will take place this year on the 17th of July – three months after the men’s Classic and on a shorter parcours but with many of the same challenging roads and climbs (including the “Somerberg” – also known as Bruce’s Lane at Knossington, which you can’t view on Google because the StreetMap cars can’t get up it) that gave the men’s race its nickname “Britain’s Belgian Classic.” Full details of the route have not yet been announced, but the race is likely to cover around 100km starting and ending at Melton Mowbray. Entries will be open soon via British Cycling; follow @CiCLEWomens on Twitter for the latest news.

Hopton RR

Last year’s CC Sudbury women’s road race was such an unparalleled success (the organisers had to increase the number of places to cope with demand, and it was a very fine event indeed) – evidence that the Women’s Tour, which has remained largely within East Anglia during its first two years, has had a very positive effect on women’s cycling in the region.

This July we have another very promising new race in Suffolk, courtesy of Diss & District CC’s Hopton RR. The course is yet to be revealed distance is given as 68km, making it another much-needed “proper” road race on a calendar full of crits (for another, similar race, see the Lovelo Cinelli RR). Entry for the race, which takes place on the 31st of July, are open now.



Recent results



Alice Barnes won at Manchester Wheelers Supercross

Macclesfield Wheelers Supacross/Lazer NW Cross League
Senior, Junior, Veteran
1 Alice Barnes (100% ME; S) 20pts
2 Sophie Thackray (Oldfield/Paul Milnes Cycles ERT; J) 16pts
3 Rebecca Preece (Red Rose Olympic CC; S) 12pts
4 Ruth Taylor (Boot Out Breast Cancer CC; S) 9pts
5 Julia Matheson (Newcastle (Staffs) Tri Club; V) 7pts
6 Sue Fisher (Chinley Churners CC) 0pts
7 Sarah Grimshaw (Horwich CC) 0pts
8 Alison Rushton (Ribble Valley Juniors; V) 3pts
9 Clare Smith (Pedalsport CC; S) 2pts
10 Anne Fisher (V) 1pt
U16: 1 Kim Baptista (Nutcracker Racing) 3pts, 2 Cara Lakin (Salt Ayre Cog Set) 2pts
U14: 1 Josie Nelson (MnD Fusion/Gearclub/WORX) 3pts, 2 Niamha Albones (Liverpool Century RC) 2pts, 3 Melissa Boylin (Bolton Hot Wheels) 1pts

Central Cyclo-Cross League #12
Senior, Junior, Veteran
1 Lauren Humphreys (Bonito Squadra Corse; S) 20pts
2 Amy Garner (Welland Valley CC; J) 16pts
3 Lindsay Clarke (Fenland Clarion; V) 12pts
4 Samantha Hughes-Dowdle (Team Milton Keynes; V) 9pts
5 Lindsay Nell (Team Jewson-M.I.Racing-Polypipe; V) 7pts
6 Adriana Borowska (North Bucks RC) 0pts
7 Sarah Cox 0pts
8 Christine Anstee (Pedalworks CC; V) 3pts
9 Elodie Levis (Trident) 0pts
10 Lynda Olney (Pedalworks CC) 0pts
U16: 1 April Tacey (Leicestershire RC) 6pts, 2 Elspeth Grace (Welwyn Wheelers) 4pts, 3 Cecilia Hime (St Ives CC) 3pts, 4 Freya Butler (Welwyn Wheelers) 2pts, 5 Jessica Woodworth (Bourne Wheelers) 1pt
U14: 1 Tilly Borrett 3pts, 2 Aimee Zygo (Team Milton Keynes) 2pts


Xan Crees was the victorious U16 at the 10th round of the SRAM Notts & Derby League

SRAM Notts & Derby League #10
Senior, Junior, Veteran
1 Maddi Smith (Bolsover & District CC; V) 20pts
2 Sarah Lomas (Nutcracker Racing; S) 16pts
3 Kate George (; S) 12pts
4 Tracey Fletcher (Empella Cyclo-Cross.Com; V) 9pts
5 Sam Burman (WNT; S) 7pts
6 Madeleine Gammons (SRAM Youth Development; J) 5pts
7 Sarah Naylor (Fossa Racing; S) 4pts
8 Karen Partington (Bolsover & District CC) 0pts
9 Zoe Codd (Nottingham Clarion CC) 0pts
10 Tiffany Fletcher (; S) 1pt
U16: 1 Xan Crees ( 6pts, 2 Elena Smith (Fossa Racing) 4pts, 3 Alice Warbrick (Derby Mercury RC) 3pts, 4 Marianna Kuszynski (Matlock CC) 2pts, 5 Grace Barker, 6 Beth Stevens (Cycle Derby CC),
U14: 1 Sarah Briggs (Matlock CC) 6pts, 2 Lotta Mansfield (Nottingham Clarion) 4pts, 3 Lizzy Edge (Nottingham Clarion) 3pts, 4 Alice Crane (Derby Mercury RC) 2pts, 5 Codie Strickland (VC Long Eaton) 1pt, 6 Elizabeth Webster (Matlock CC), 7 Ella Rastall (Heanor Clarion), 8 Lucy Buckley (Cycle Derby CC)



What a season for Evie Richards! The 100% ME rider racked up yet another victory at Round 13 of the Western League

Western League #13
Senior, Veteran
1 Evie Richards (100% ME; S) 3pts
2 Ffion James (100% ME; S) 2pts
3 Lindy Larkin (Dame Cycling-Quidne IT; S) 1pts
4 Karen Spiteri (Salt & Sham CC; V) 0pts
U16: 1 Harriet Harnden (Malvern Cycle Sport) 3pts, 2 Megan James (Abergavenny RC) 2pts, 3 Abbie Manley (Eden Veranda Racing) 1pts
U14: 1 Millie Couzens (Zappi’s) 3pts


Coventry RC Boxing Day Cross
Senior, Junior, Veteran
1 Isla Rowntree (Islabikes; V) 20pts
2 Emma Birtles (Lichfield City CC; S) 16pts
3 Karen Summers (Revolutions Racing; V) 12pts
4 Nina Critchley (Lichfield City CC; S) 9pts
5 Michelle Paget (Royal Leamington Spa CC) 0pts
6 Lisa Garside (Paramount CRT) 0pts
7 Claire Murphy 0pts
8 Laura McCormack (Cult Racing; S) 3pts
9 Stephanie Peters (Jewson-M.I.Racing-Polypipe; V) 2pts
10 Roxanne McNaughton (S) 0pts


Isla Rowntree won at Coventry RC’s Boxing Day Cross

CXNE #10
Senior, Junior, Veteran
1 Nicola Davies (Beacon Wheelers; V) 20pts
2 Jenn Batey (Vertex; S) 16pts
3 Christine Amos-Adams (Chainline CC) 0pts
4 Karen Robertson (Derwentside CC) 0pts
5 Lucy Siddle (Allen Valley Velo) 0pts
6 Megan Kay (Vieri Velo RC; J) 5pts
7 Sarah Cramoysan (Carnac-Planet X; V) 4pts
8 Natalie Batey (Tyne&Wear Fire&Rescue CC; S) 3pts
9 Joanne Allan (; V) 2pts
10 Louise Hamilton (Teesdale CRC) 0pts
U16: 1 Fiona Turnbull (Speedflex RT) 3pts, 2 Olivia Bent (Border City Wheelers) 2pts, 3 Marie Lynn (Hetton Hawks) 1pts, 4 Olivia Fawcett (Hetton Hawks) 0pts,
U14: 1 Jasmine Kent (Speedflex RT) 3pts, 2 Roisin Lally (Derwentside CC) 2pts, 3 Beth Orchard (Newcastle Phoenix CC) 1pts,


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