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Nicole Oh enjoys her first race win! — Curborough Novice Women’s Road Coaching Session — Last Week’s Results — Rider Blogs — Interesting Links — Photo of the Week — More to come…

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Nicole Oh enjoys her first race win!


Nicole Oh in action at the Tickhill GP

It might come as a surprise due to her regular appearances at events up and down the country over the last four years, but up until last week Les Filles‘ Cat. 2 rider and resident cake expert Nicole Oh had never won a race. Looking at her palmares reveals numerous top-ten finishes and an impressive selection of podiums including several seconds, but in approximately 120 races she’d never enjoyed a victory.

That all changed in the hard-fought Cat. 2/3/4 Women’s race at Round 3 of the Dulwich Paragon Winter Series, which took place at the VeloPark in London on the 12th of February – having already won the prime, Nicole took first place after beating unattached Agnata Woznicka and Emma Fudge (Dulwich Paragon) to the line. A number of other excellent riders including Cat. 3 Gaby Leveridge (Velosure Starley-Primal) and Cat. 2 Sophie Edmondson (Kinoko Cycles) finished further down.

Nicole kindly write Neutral Service a report describing how it felt to win after so long – read it here.


Beginner/Cat. 4 race training at Curborough


Email to book

It doesn’t matter how fast you are, until you’ve got a good working knowledge of essential racing skills you’re not going to get far in any event.

Traditionally, these skills are picked up in one of two ways: enter some races and start learning, or via a more experienced clubmate. Going into a race unprepared is, quite frankly, terrifying, and many new riders will not be so fortunate as to know someone able to pass on the knowledge. It’s likely to be one of the main causes that so many riders disappear from the scene and never come back after they’ve raced once or twice.

Fortunately, women’s cycling has Huw Williams, the well-known British Cycling coach and all-round good chap, who has organised a Novice Women’s Road Coaching Session to take place at the Curborough circuit on the 7th of March. The price is just £20; the benefits could be enormous – 29 places out of a maximum of 40 have already been reserved, so don’t hang about!


Last Week’s Results

Team Tor 2000 Spring Circuits
E/1/2/3/4 15.02.15
1 Nicola Noble 3pts
2 Bethan Stubbs (Bikeshed-Exeter University CC) 2pts
Imperial Winter Series #9
Cats. 1/2/3 14.02.15
1 Ruth Summerford (PMR@Toachim House) 10pts
2 Clemence Copie (Pearl Izumi-Sports Tours International) 0pts
3 Suzetta Guerrini (London Dynamo) 7pts
4 Helen Ralston (Les Filles) 6pts
5 Anna Marie Hughes (Bonito Squadra Corse) 5pts
6 Louise Laker (PMR@Toachim House) 4pts
7 Gabriella Nordin (GB 3pts
8 Nicole Oh (Les Filles) 2pts
9 Natasha Reddy (RP Racing Team) 1pt
10 Abi Van Twisk (Corley Cycles-Drops) 1pt
Ludgershall Winter Series #7
E/1/2/3/4 14.02.15
1 Florence Collyer-Powell (Southampton University RC) 3pts
2 Mandy Hibberd (North Hampshire RC) 2pts
3 Sophie Herbert (Southampton University RC) 1pt
4 Sarah Thomas (Army Cycling Union) 0pts
"Why are you still riding your bike on Valentines day?!" East London Velo Winter Series #6
Cats. 2/3/4 14.02.15
1 Sophia Chastell (M and D Cycles-Fusion RT-Worx) 10pts
2 Gaia Casciello (Welwyn Wheelers CC) 8pts
3 Georgina Pymer (VO2) 7pts
4 Tamala McGee (London Phoenix CC) 6pts
5 Louise Marsden (VC Norwich) 5pts
6 Caroline Guest (Ford CC) 4pts
7 Michelle Forster (London Phoenix CC) 3pts
8 Lucy Wright (University College London Union) 2pts
Helen McKay (Les Filles) DNS, Francesca Rust (VO2) DNS
Odd Down Winter Series #6
Cats. 2/3/4 14.02.15
1 Jennifer Holden (VC Walcot) 10pts
2 Elizabeth-Jane Harris (Army Cycling Union) 8pts
3 Sydnie Price (M and D Cycles-Fusion RT-Worx) 7pts
4 Elle Twentyman (University of Bath CC) 6pts
5 Corinne Clark (Ride 24/7) 5pts
6 Phoebe Speck (Ride 24/7) 4pts
7 Joanne Jago (Performance Cycles) 3pts
8 Chanel Mason (Army Cycling Union) 2pts
9 Becky Hoare (Army Cycling Union) 1pt
10 Donna Short (Army Cycling Union) 1pt
11th Fiona Nesfield 0pts, 12th Lucy Burgess (Bristol South CC) 0pts
Velo29 Winter Series #5
Cats. 2/3/4 14.02.15
1 Seonaid Thompson (Albarosa CC) 10pts
2 Angela Hibbs (Team WattCycle) 8pts
3 Christine Marshall (Team WattCycle) 7pts
4 Hannah Righini-Brand 6pts
5 Jennifer Batey (Team WattCycle) 5pts
6 Cat Hirst 0pts
7 Katie Lukas (Beacon Wheelers) 3pts
8 Natalie Batey (Tyne & Wear Fire &Rescue CC) 0pts
9 Lindsay Atkinson-Wright (Albarosa CC) 1pt
10 Anna Weaver (Team WattCycle) 1pt
Dulwich Paragon VeloPark Winter Series #3
Cats. 2/3/4 12.02.15
1 Nicole Oh (Les Filles) 10pts
2 Agata Woznicka 8pts
3 Emma Fudge (Dulwich Paragon) 7pts
4 Gabriella Leveridge (Velosure Starley-Primal) 6pts
5 Sophie Edmondson (Kinoko Cycles) 5pts
6 Claire Goodman (Kinoko Cycles) 4pts
7 Charlotte Heywood 3pts
8 Kathryn Morris (Dulwich Paragon) 2pts
9 Claire Hammond (London Dynamo) 1pt
10 Elizabeth Gordon (Dulwich Paragon) 1pt




AMillerthumbAlice Miller: Kalas Spring Pursuit

“This weekend I did my first circuit race of the season at RNAS Merryfield, Ilton, Somerset. At this period my training is all about increasing my aerobic endurance so I have been doing some longer rides at the weekends to help develop this. On Saturday I had a lovely ride up to Woodbury Common and then down to the coast at Budleigh Salterton. I was really enjoying myself and have to admit I probably attacked the climbs a little hard considering I would be racing the next day…” Read more

SaraOlssonthumbSara Olsson: A winner never gives up!

Season 2015 is just around the corner and the last weekend before Nieuwsblad is coming up. I’ve had a great start of the year kicking it off with 10 days in Spain, where I got lots of sun, hours and smiles with Tilina. She really is a great friend to go on training camp with, there’s no problem having either fun or perfect trainings in her company. So thanks girl for that! After Spain I had 5 days in Sweden where I had absolutly no time over. 3 days of work + training…” Read more

MollythumbMolly Weaver: Getting aero at Cyclefit

“With wind resistance being a rider’s biggest enemy during a time trial, getting into the most aerodynamic position possible is crucial! Anything that means you can go faster for the same amount of pain is definitely worthwhile in my book! With the team being supported by Trek this season, we’re fortunate enough to be getting the incredible Speed Concept TT bikes, so we’re definitely onto a winner where bike aerodynamics are concerned. Now it’s all down to the setup of the bike and positioning. Enter the PrecisionFit team!…” Read more


Molly Weaver takes a breather after pedaling hard at CycleFit! (Photo provided by Molly)



Interesting Links

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Ten Minutes with Georgina Pymer (Neutral Service)


Photo of the Week

Very often, I ask on Twitter and Facebook if anyone has a photo they’d like to submit for Neutral Service’s Photo of the Week. Very often, I receive so many excellent photos in reply that making a decision is impossible. Some of them are technically brilliant. Others are less so, but if they convey the photographer’s love for women’s cycling and all the joy the sport brings, they’re ideal candidates. So, more often than not, Photo of the Week becomes Photos of the Week.

Not this week, though. Cat Armour’s photo of Helen Wyman at Middelkerke is perfect in every way. I wish I’d taken it!