Ride of the Week: Karen Poole wins her second CX race


Photo supplied by Karen

Karen Poole, who rode with WattCycle on the road in 2015 and, following the demise of the team, will compete for the Vertex Ride team next year, entered the sixth round of the Cyclocross North-East League on Sunday wearing the jersey of the Hambleton RC. She won, with a 6″ advantage to Jo Rycroft and 24″ to Nicola Davies: both very experienced riders and thus a very respectable result, especially considering it was only the second time Karen’s ever raced CX.

“A couple of my mates from Hambleton Road Club were doing the CXNE race near Richmond yesterday (1st November), so I thought I would go out and have another go,” Karen told Neutral Service, explaining why a road racing specialist such as herself entered a CX race with a tough parcours. “I was dreading the dismounting and remounting that I knew would be involved in the race, and wondered how I would get on on a more technical course. It’s nearly 10 years since I called myself a mountain biker so it could all go very wrong.

“I wasn’t going to let the race go away from me before I was even in it, so I quite assertively pushed my way through and soon enough there was a group of 6 or 7 of us away off the front. I had coped fine with the technical sections and I decided that I wanted to go quicker than my breakaway companions, so I put the boot in and got a gap very quickly. It was shut down at the hurdles, so I went again on the next ‘roadie’ section of the course and never looked back. I’m still a roadie, and will always be that way, but as beginners luck goes, I’ve got it in bucketfuls for CX!”

Read Karen’s race report in full here




TMG Horizon Circuits 31.10
Cats. 3/4 (Mixed)
16 Harriet Mellor (Hillingdon Slipstreamers) 0pts
U14 (Mixed): 2 Róisín Murphy
U12: 1 Abigail Old (Hillingdon Slipstreamers) 3pts, 2 Ella Coleman (Hillingdon Slipstreamers) 2pts
U10: 1 Millie Coleman (Hillingdon Slipstreamers) 3pts

Cyclopark Women’s Twilight Racing #4 26.10
Cats. 3/4
1 Sophie Coleman (Cat. 3) 3pts
2 Gemma Hayes (East Grinstead CC; Cat. 3) 2pts
3 Carolyn Swan (Kent Velo Girls; Cat. 3) 1pt
4 Lucy Lawler (University of Kent CC; Cat. 4) 0pts
5 Siobhan Carroll (Beckenham Rugby Cyclists; n/a) 0pts


CXNE #6 01.11
Karen Poole’s race report
1 Karen Poole (Hambleton RC) 20
2 Jo Rycroft ( 16
3 Nicola Davies (Beacon Wheelers) 12
4 Natalie Batey (Tyne&Wear Fire&Rescue CC) 9
5 Bev Martin (Adept Precision RT/NE Healthcare) 7
6 Jenn Batey (Manilla Cycling) 5
7 Megan Kay (Vieri Velo RC) 4
8 Erica Moks (Teesdale CRC) 3
9 Lucy Siddle (Allen Valley Velo) 0
10 Lucy Donnelly (Beacon Wheelers) 1
11 Christine Amos-Adams (Chainline CC), 12 Karen Robertson (Derwentside CC), 13 Joanne Allan (, 14 Sarah Cramoysan (Carnac-Planet X), 15 Susan Rigby (Allen Valley Velo), 16 Pamela Glover (Derwentside CC), 17 Jackie Brady (Derwentside CC), 18 Jemma Ridley (Derwentside CC), 19 Lisa Waistell (Beacon Wheelers), 20 Amanda Waller (Teesdale CRC), 21 Liisa Clarke, 22 Jean Brennan (Teesdale CRC), 23 Melanie King, 24 Rose Todhunter (Allen Valley Velo), 25 Leah Flynn (Tyneside Vagabonds CC), DNF Sandy Cheung, Holly Flannery, Joanne Lally (Allen Valley Velo)
U16: 1 Olivia Fawcett (Hetton Hawks CC) 3pts, 2 Alexandra Rimmer (Mountain Goat Coaching) 2pts, 3 Olivia Bent (Border City Wheelers) 1pt
U14: 1 Jasmine Kent (Speedflex Race Team) 3pts, 2 Roisin Lally (Derwentside CC) 2pts, 3 Bethan Nitsch (One Life Racing) 1pt, 4 Sophie Donaldson (Derwentside CC)
U12 (Mixed): 5 Grace Castle (Newcastle Phoenix), 11 Katie Hadnum (Hetton Hawks CC), 14 Elizabeth McKinnon (Derwentside CC), 16 Kacey Eyeington (Stockton Wheelers), 18 Cerys Ridley (Derwentside CC), 19 Heather Robinson (Hetton Hawks CC), 22 Alisha Bell, 23 Tia Bell, 24 Naomi Croft
U10/8 (Mixed): 8 Daisy Freer (Stockton Wheelers), 9 Lucy Glover (Derwentside CC), 15 Amelia Cleathero (Hetton Hawks CC), 27 Isabel Swanston (Newcastle Phoenix), 29 Anna Cooke (Hetton Hawks CC), 30 Evie Raw, 32 Freya Ridley (Derwentside CC)

Melyn Mynach Welsh League #7 01.11
Fantastic turn-out with more than 30 girls in the U16/14/12/10/8 races and 17 women in the Novice Women – looks like women’s CX in Wales has a bright future!
1 Ffion James (Abergavenny RC) 20pts
2 Megan Backstedt (Maindy Flyers Youth) 16pts
3 Manon Carpenter (Madison Saracen Factory Team) 12pts
4 Christine James (Abergavenny RC) 0pts
5 Hazel Wakefield 7pts
6 Danielle Flawn (Tredz Bikes) 0pts
7 Sophie-Jo Wylie-Morris (M and D Cycles/Fusion RT/Worx) 4pts
8 Jane Barnett (Cardiff Ajax) 0pts
9 Jemma Nurse (Cardiff JIF) 2pts
10 Caitlin Shaw (M and D Cycles/Fusion RT/Worx) 1pt
11 Jodie Lloyd (Cwmcarn Paragon), 12 Elizabeth Webb (Cardiff Ajax), DNF Fenella Langnolge
Novices: 1 Julia Thomas (Abergavenny RC), 2 Bonna Williams, 3 Charlotte Jennings (Onit Cycles WRT), 4 Rachel Greatrick (Towy Racing CC), 5 Kay Higgins-Worrall (Abergavenny RC), 6 Bethan Moore (Ride Bikes Wales), 7 Michele Jeffreys, 8 Jenny McAdie, 9 Sarah Marshall, 10 Jackie Codd (Maindy Flyers Youth), 11 Hester Laughlin, 12 Jennifer Walker (Gower Riders), 13 Hannah Crowney, 14 Lilian Martin (Sosban Riders), 15 Jane Poulter, 16 Jemma Merrell (Gower Riders), 17 Karen Pitt
U16: 1 Megan James (Abergavenny RC) 3pts, 2 Elynor Backstedt (Maindy Flyers Youth) 2pts, DNF Katie Hesden (Dreigiau Coed Y Brenin Dragons)
U14: 1 Eluned King (Towy Riders) 6pts, 2 Danielle Parker (Towy Riders) 4pts, 3 Rosie Finucane (Towy Riders)3pts, 4 Emma Finucane (Towy Riders) 2pts, 5 Isabella Flynn (Gower Riders) 1pt, 6 Megan Wood (Abergavenny RC), 7 Amy Cole (Sosban Riders)
U12 (Mixed): 5 Zoe Backstedt (Maindy Flyers Youth), 7 Bethany Bennett (Towy Riders), 9 Awen Roberts (Towy Riders), 11 Madeleine Osborn (Abergavenny RC), 14 Evelyn Higgins-Worrall (Abergavenny RC), 17 Freya Evans (The Bulls), 21 Ella Maclean-Howell (Maindy Flyers Youth), 27 Jemima Beere (Maindy Flyers Youth), 29 Poppy Beere (Maindy Flyers Youth), 32 Megan Thomas (Abergavenny RC), 33 Ruby Gravelle (Towy Riders), 34 Megan Walker, 35 Freya Elizabeth James (Towy Riders),
U10 (Mixed): 7 Anwen Nesham (Cardiff JIF), 11 Amy Greatrick (Towy Riders), 12 Rebecca Codd (Maindy Flyers Youth), 22 Evelyn Nurse, 24 Imogen Morris (Gower Riders), 30 Ffion Hill (Towy Riders), 34 Ella Greenaway, 38 Alice Potter (Gower Riders), 39 Holly Pitt (Gower Riders), 43 Oola Lloyd, 44 Elen Govier (Gower Riders), 45 Niamh Morgan (Pontyclun Flyers),
U8 (Mixed): 1 Aelwen Davies (The Bulls), 5 Efa Oliver (Sosban Riders), 9 Flo Tovey, 11 Kitty Walton (Gower Riders), 13 Ella Mosedale

Lincolnshire League #6/Arrow Cycles Cross 01.11
1 Vanessa Holmes (Arrow Cycles) 6pts
2 Sam Burman (WNT) 4pts
3 Helen Smith 0pts
4 Rebecca Longthorp (Petuaria RT) 2pts
5 Jenn McAndrew (Jadan) 1pt
6 Donna Goodwin (Louth Cycle Centre), DNF Sian Randall

Central Cyclo-Cross League #6 01.11
1 Lucy Gossage 0pts
2 Michelle McCarthy (Bicester Millennium) 16pts
3 Sol Findley (Twickenham CC) 12pts
4 Samantha Hughes-Dowdle (Team Milton Keynes) 9pts
5 Suzanne Golder (Team Milton Keynes) 7pts
6 Oli Lacigova (Trisports) 0pts
7 Annabel Sill (Jadan) 4pts
8 Katie Edwards 3pts
9 Lynda Olney (Pedalworks CC) 0pts
10 Lucinda Kerr (London Phoenix) 1pt
11 Samantha Baylis (Bedfordshire Road CC), 12 Michelle Forster (GB, 13 Christine Anstee (Pedalworks CC), 14 Hannah Bates, 15 Sarah Cox, 16 Wendy Rees, 17 Alison Cooper (Bedfordshire Road CC), 18 Siobhan Butler (WDMBC/Specialized Ruislip), 19 Brenda Bozwood Davies (Trisports) 0pts
U14: 1 Aimee Zygo (Team Milton Keynes) 3pts, 2 Molli Keenor (Team Milton Keynes) 2 pts, 3 Molly Marriott (Welwyn Wheelers) 1pt
U12: 1 Ella-Mae Fereday (Team Milton Keynes), 2 Hannah Walton (Team Milton Keynes), 3 Evie-Louise Fereday (Team Milton Keynes), 4 Poppy Knott (Welwyn Wheelers CC)
U10: 1 Elana-Rose Fereday (Team Milton Keynes), 2 Astrid Spragg (Hillingdon Slipstreamers), 3 Jessica Lea (Team Milton Keynes), 4 Ailsa Walton (Team Milton Keynes),
5 Ellie Montagu (Hillingdon Slipstreamers), 6 Sophie Godfrey (Icknield RC), 7 Martha Knight,
8 Ruby Isaac (Kettering CC), 9 Rachael Carpenter, 10 Millie Botha

SRAM Notts and Derby League #6 31.10
1 Maddi Smith (Bolsover & District CC) 20pts
2 Kate George ( 16pts
3 Julie Elder (Pedal Power Loughborough) 12pts
4 Marianne Heffron ( RT-GSG) 9pts
5 Tiffany Fletcher ( 7pts
6 Eve Roberts (Derby Mercury RC) 0pts
7 Julie Phelan (Pro Vision Cycle Clothing) 4pts
8 Caroline Mansfield (Nottingham Clarion) 3pts
9 Jane Roberts (Pines Cycles-Felt-Enve) 2pts
10 Clementine Bird (Nottingham Clarion) 1pt
11 Zoe Codd (Nottingham Clarion), 12 Lindsay Nell (Jewson-M.I.Racing-Polypipe), 13 Emma Martin (Pines Cycles-Felt-Enve), 14 Lucy Kong (Nottingham Clarion), 15 Laura McCormack (Cult Racing), 16 Hilary Johnson (, 17 Claire Tomlinson (Sherwood Pines CC), 18 Rebecca Laurel (Cycle Derby CC), 19 Jane Warbrick (Derby Mercury RC), 20 Joanne Lifford (VC Nottingham), 21 Joanne Barnett, 22 Claire Davies, 23 Elisa McDonagh (WNT), 24 Karen Summers (Revolutions Racing), 25 Louise Glysen (Matlock CC), 26 Tracey Fletcher (, 27 Chloe Dilks

BMCC CX 1 Superheroes 31.10
The girls beat the boys in all three races – chapeau!
U14 (Mixed): 1 Amelie Prior (Zappi’s CC) 22’16.02″
6 Emily Wright (Bicester Millennium CC) 22’31.90″
U12 (Mixed): 1 Amelia Cox (Bicester Millennium CC) 15’49.12″
U10 (Mixed): 1 Imogen Cox (Bicester Millennium CC) 11’26.90″, 4 Isla Bohannon (Team Milton Keynes) 12’11.87″, 5 Anna Couzens 12’58.78″, 10 Jenna Wayman

Lazer North West Cyclo-Cross League/East Liverpool Wheelers 31.10
1 Evie Richards (T-Mo Racing) 20pts
2 Rebecca Preece (Red Rose Olympic CC) 16pts
3 Ffion James (Abergavenny RC) 12pts
4 Alice Barnes (Betch.NL-Superior-Brentjens MT) 9pts
5 Ruth Taylor (Manchester Wheelers) 7pts
6 Anne Fisher 5pts
7 Elizabeth Denby (Team 22), 4pts
8 Sarah Grimshaw (Horwich CC), 9 Kate Porter (Horwich CC), 10 Julia Behnsen, 11 Karen Payton (Cycle Sport Pendle), 12 Chloe Parrington (Red Rose Olympic CC), 13 Gemma Webster (Harry Middleton CC)
U16: 1 Nicole Clarke (Birkenhead North End CC) 3pts, 2 Lucy Naylor (Paul Milnes-Bradford Olympic) 2pts, 3 Kim Baptista (Nutcracker Racing) 1pt, 4 Helen Osguthorpe (North Cheshire Clarion)
U14: 1 Maisy Vasic (Eastlands Velo) 6, 2 Niamha Albones (Liverpool Century RC) 4pts, 3 Melissa Boylin (Bolton Hot Wheels CC) 3pts, 4 Jocasta Minton (Bolton Hot Wheels CC) 2pts, 5 Holly Bradbrook (VC Melyd) 1pt, 6 Aimee Casey
U12 (Mixed): 11 Erin Corrigan (Mossley CRT), 14 Eva Newby (Furness Future Flyers), 16 Lucy Dalgleish (Salt Ayre Cog Set), 17 Nancye Roberts (Salt Ayre Cog Set),
U10 (Mixed): 7 Lily Brindle (Preston Pirates BMX Club), 9 Imogen Peatfield (Bolton Hot Wheels CC), 12 Megan Lloyd (Harry Middleton CC), 13 Grace Porter, 14 Emma Poulston (Birkenhead North End CC), 21 Neve Laycock (Bolton Hot Wheels CC), 22 Isla Glossop (Bolton Hot Wheels CC), 24 Charlotte Kendall (Liverpool Century RC)


Teams and Transfers News


Bex Rimmington will be with WNT in 2016

WNT have been busy for the last week with the riders uploading photos of themselves as young children and asking fans to guess who’ll be staying with the team and who’s joining for 2016. New signings include Bex Rimmington, Natalie Grinczer, Keira McVitty and (probably) Corinne Clark. With Jo Tindley, Hannah Walker, Becca Carter, Lydia Boylan and Sam Burman all staying, this means a large number of Neutral Service’s most highly-rated riders are all together. What a team!

Christine Marshall will join her 2015 WattCycle team mates Karen Poole, Annabella Weaver and Jenn Batey at the expanded Vertex, where they’ll ride with fellow newcomer Sarah Cramoysan (previously Carnac-Planet X) and current members Emma Coldwell and Hannah Righini Brand. This promises to be a very strong team indeed, and we’re likely to see a lot of them come the new season.

Ashleigh Fraser, previously with the Dundee Thistle club, is moving to Fusion RT, and Hayley Edwards will remain with Velosport – which will become Footon-Velosport.

2015/16 UK Transfer News



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