New Races

Everybody knows there are as many different reasons women often can’t commit to races as early as the might like (and in some cases, simply don’t want to – which is a perfectly valid reason too), and Neutral Service certainly isn’t going to go hectoring riders about what they should and shouldn’t enter. However, when a race organiser has made an effort to ensure an event particularly stands out or has insisted on including a good women’s race even through adversity, they deserve a little extra promotion to help them gain the attention they deserve; so here are some new races which look to have a lot of potential.


Tyne Tees Road League #4

09.08.15 – E/1/2/3/4

A road race over a decent distance – in this case 80km – is always a good thing.



Reepham Town Centre Crits

16.08.15 – E/1/2/3/4

Organised by VO2 Sports – which also sponsors the Women’s Eastern Racing League’s time trial league, incidentally, the Reepham Crits are a brand new event taking place on a tight and fairly challenging (but not too challenging, making it suitable for even less-experienced Cat. 4s) 1.4km circuit in the pretty market town, where it will coincide with the Eastern Daily Press Tour Sportive – which ought to guarantee decent crowds.

VO2 boss Wayne Marks had issues with race sponsors who weren’t convinced a women’s race would be a success, but he stuck with it and argued that women’s cycling is every bit as important as men’s – which is why he also insisted on equal prizes.



CC Sudbury RR

23.08.15 – E/1/2/3/4

CC Sudbury are so determined to have a women’s race running alongside by separate from the men’s race taking place on the same day that they say they’re “prepared to run the event at a financial loss” – now that’s dedication to the cause.

The parcours is one of the best of any race taking place in the East Anglian region this year, consisting of four laps of the club’s 20.1km Bulmer road circuit for a total of just over 80km – another race of decent length! Suffolk is by no means hilly, but the local terrain is rolling and the metres climbed mount up over those four laps, making this race a definite challenge. The event is part of the Women’s Eastern Racing League.

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