Neutral Service is proud to be an official media partner of the YESSS Tickhill GP



Neutral Service is proud to have been selected as an official media partner of the YESSS Tickhill GP – a race which, due to the organisers’ insistence on providing equal prizes and billing for the female entrants since the women’s races were first added in 2014, we’ve been very happy to support.

On race day (20th September, starting at 11:30 when the event kicks off with the mixed Under-12s race, you’ll be able to watch all the action live right here. Which isn’t quite as good as actually being there (so if you possibly can, be there), but it’ll do the job if you can’t.

We also provided the race organisers with an article on the history of women’s cycling, from the early days up to the present day when the sport seems to be growing every day. Look out for it in the official programme, which will be available to buy on the day!

Weather Update

The Tickhill organisers have connections in high places, it seems…


Race Programme

11:30 U12 (Mixed) 15mins
11:55 U14 Boys 30mins
12:35 U16/U14 Girls 25mins
13:20 U16 Boys 40mins
14:10 Cats. 3/4 Women 50mins
15:10 Cats. 3/4 Men 50mins
16:25 E/1/2 Women 1hr
17:35 E/1/2 Men 1hr

Official race website