National Trophy Series Round 3 Durham Photos

Dave01On Saturday, Bethany Crumpton, Amira Mellor and Hannah Payton were in the Netherlands where they too 13th, 20th and 22nd place at the European Cyclocross Championships in dry conditions – dry by the standards of ‘cross, at any rate. On Sunday they were back in the UK for the third round of the National Trophy Series, and Durham didn’t disappoint with the sort of boggy parcours that anyone other than an expert ‘cross rider would hesitate to try to drive a Land-Rover.

Photos below

Mellor and Crumpton got off to a fast start, but Mellor looked strongest and soon found a lead before controlling the action for most of the race. However, with the already difficult circuit now well-churned by the action in the junior events and her tiredness from the previous day, she slowed slightly in the later laps – just as Crumpton found a second wind and began to make up time. Both riders took a risk in the last lap, with Mellor sacrificing a few seconds to return to the pits for a fresh bike while Crumpton elected to continue despite the considerable extra weight and drag created by the mud coating her own machine.

As Mellor rejoined the circuit, the two were neck-and-neck but the earlier laps took their toll on her: she tried to accelerate to stay with Crumpton, but couldn’t. A classy dismount to run up the last hill and an explosive sprint down the finishing straight clinched it, giving Crumpton her first ever National Series elite victory.

1 Bethany Crumpton (North West CC) 100pts
2 Amira Mellor (Oldfield/Paul Milnes Cycles ERT) 80pts
3 Hannah Payton (Kinesis UK) 70pts
4 Emily Wadsworth (Beeline-Gener8) 60pts
5 Delia Beddis (ViCiOUS VELO) 55pts
6 Annabel Simpson (Hope Factory Racing) 50pts
7 Merce Pacios Pujadó (Zappi’s) 45pts
8 Sophie Thackray (Oldfield/Paul Milnes Cycles ERT) 40pts
9 Abi Van Twisk (Corley Cycles-Drops RT) 35pts
10 Isla Rowntree (Islabikes) 30pts
11 Adela Carter (Hope Factory Racing) 27pts, 12 Ruby Miller (Hargroves Cycles-Ridley RT) 24pts, 13 Rebecca Preece (Red Rose Olympic CC) 22pts, 14 Jo Rycroft ( 20pts, 15 Claire Beaumont (ViCiOUS VELO) 18pts, 16 Hannah Saville ( 16pts, 17 Anna Kay (Nutcracker Racing) 14pts, 18 Megan Kay (Vieri Velo RC) 13pts, 19 Sophia Chastell (M&D Cycles/Fusion RT/WORX) 12pts, 20 Natalie Batey (Tyne&Wear Fire&Rescue CC) 11pts, 21 Jennifer Batey (Manilla Cycling) 10pts, 22 Sinead Burke (PH Mas-VCUK) 9pts, 23 Clover Murray (Corley Cycles-Drops RT) 8pts
Veterans: 1 Maddi Smith (Bolsover & District CC) 40pts, 2 Alison Kinloch (PH Mas-VCUK) 34pts, 3 Bev Martin (Adept Precision RT/NE Healthcare) 30pts, 4 Nicola Davies (Beacon Wheelers) 26pts, 5 Andrea Rodgers (Norton Wheelers) 23pts, 6 Janet Marsden (Warwickshire Police CC) 20pts, 7 Nicola Hartle (PH Mas-VCUK) 18pts, 8 Emma Martin (Pines Cycles-Felt-Enve) 16pts, 9 Pamela Glover (Derwentside CC) 14pts
U16: 1 Poppy Wildman (Nottingham Clarion) 80pts, 2 Fiona Turnbull (Speedflex) 68pts, 3 Elspeth Grace (Welwyn Wheelers) 60pts, 4 Xan Crees ( 52pts, 5 Elena Smith (Fossa Racing) 46pts, 6 Kim Baptista (Nutcracker Racing) 40pts, 7 Nicole Clarke (Birkenhead North End CC) 36pts, 8 Katie Scott (Cotswold Veldrijden) 32pts, 9 Olivia Fawcett (Hetton Hawks CC) 28pts, 10 April Tacey (Leicestershire RC) 24pts, 11 Olivia Bent (Border City Wheelers) 20pts, 12 Lucy Naylor (Paul Milnes-Bradford Olympic) 18pts, 13 Lauren Higham (Welwyn Wheelers) 16pts, 14 Ruby Boyes (Huddersfield Star Wheelers) 14pts
U14: 1 Maddie Wadsworth (Beeline Bicycles RT) 80pts, 2 Ava Oxley-Szilagyi (PH Mas-VCUK) 68pts, 3 Anna Flynn (Edinburgh RC) 60pts, 4 Anna Wadsworth (Beeline Bicycles RT) 52pts, 5 Sarah Briggs (Matlock CC) 46pts, 6 Amelie Wayte ( RT-GSG) 40pts, 7 Harley Pell (CC Ashwell) 36pts, 8 Eluned King (Towy Riders) 32pts, 9 Libby Smith (Fossa Racing) 28pts, 10 Maisy Vasic (Eastlands Velo) 24pts, 11 Kayleigh Wells (York Cycleworks) 20pts, 12 Imogen Chastell (Welwyn Wheelers) 18pts, 13 Lotta Mansfield (Nottingham Clarion) 16pts, 14 Roisin Lally (Derwentside CC) 14pts, 15 Sophie Donaldson (Derwentside CC) 12pts, 16 Olivia Ingham (Pedalsport CC) 10pts



Amira Mellor runs up the hill and into the lead…


…but ultimately, through sheer hard effort that showed on her face just over the finish, it was Bethany Crumpton that won.


Veteran’s podium


Senior & Junior podium

Dave07 Dave08


Isla Rowntree finished 10th


Adela Carter finished 11th

All photos © Dave White

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