Hillingdon RR

16.09.17 40mins + 3 laps
Hillingdon Circuit
Cats. 2, 3, 4

Savannah Hewson takes her turn on the front. Behind her, left to right, are Lisa Rogers, Emma Towers, Grace Dent and Anna-Marie Hughes

Nine riders signed up for this race, including Sunsport Velo’s Gabriella Nordin who had entered prior to an accident and was for that reason unable to start, but the hope was that at least a few more would show up at the west London venue and thus increase the number of points available. However, with numerous riders competing at the Tour of Sussex and many more saving their legs for the following day’s Hitchin Nomads race, only five lined up at the start – with Gabriella on marshaling (and flag-waving) duty.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t a bad race at all and all five were clearly after some late-season points, each of them taking their turn on the front of the mini-peloton; it was especially good to see Liv-AWOL’s Savannah Hewson race well following an injury that saw her miss part of the season. But, with such a small field and despite a few attempts to get away, the race passed without incident and the pack remained together into the final lap, with Emma Towers (PMR@Toachim House), Lisa Rogers (Team Milton Keynes) and Hewson all made their final lunge at the same moment – Rogers crossed the line just a wheel in front and was clearly the winner, but Hewson and Towers were so close it was necessary to check photos to reveal they were second and third respectively.

Results and more photos below

1 Lisa Rogers (Team Milton Keynes; Cat. 2) 3pts
2 Savannah Hewson (Liv-AWOL; Cat. 3) 2pts
3 Emma Towers (PMR@Toachim House; Cat. 2) 1pt
4 Anna-Marie Hughes (Vertex-Biemme RT; Cat. 3)
5 Grace Dent (4T+ VC; Cat. 3)