Matt Saunders interviews Chloe Selman


Photo provided by Chloe

A small story about who you are and how you have got to where you are today…….

My name is Chloe, also known as Chloster, I cycle for Barnsley Road Club and I’m coached by Helen Scott. I come from a sporting background; I was actually a GB international para swimmer, but I had to retire due to my neurological problems worsening and sending me into overtraining which made me very ill. I decided I wanted to stay in sport, knowing that I may never be able to fully recover and get back on track and even back into international level sport.

I did dabble in a little triathlon, even medalled at national level as a Tri 3 and was put on a talent programme for that, but this was against medical advice due to my hip not being able to cope with the running side of things. But the good side to this was I enjoyed the cycling, so I decided to find myself a club, contacted British Cycling and got my international classification as a para athlete. I also then got myself a professional coach, double Commonwealth champion, Helen Scott.

However, I have a great team behind me, no sign of overtraining and I’m enjoying the sport and progressing at an alarming rate! This has all been achieved in 18 months; I do put a lot of work in and sacrifice my personal life for the sport.

How old are you?


At what age did you get into Cycling?


What disability category are you in?

I am a C4.

What do you love about cycling so much?

You feel so free, independent, but yet you are still part of a team. Oh, I also like the banter off the guys in cycling. They get as good as they give!

What have you been up to competitively in 2014?

I have done mainly time trials, open and with my club, Barnsley Road Club. I did the National Para Series, which I won for my grouping which was MC1-MC3/FC1-FC4, the National Para Circuit, where I gained a national jersey for winning, the women’s national title, and a national track event where I set a new British record for the 3k individual pursuit and crits. I try to compete in a mixture of disability and able-bodied events.

What’s the plan for 2015?

My plan for this year is to get on a British cycling development program, then hopefully compete internationally and also gain myself a sponsor to keep me in the sport.

What’s your favourite discipline at the moment?

My favourite discipline is the time trial, and the 3k individual pursuit.

How many watts are you putting down on the track?

I have no idea as I don’t have access to any power metre for the track, to give me this data, but for the WattBike I post around 370 watt on level 5 resistances for the 3min test, which is not bad for someone who is my disabled class.

Do you have a favourite training ride?

This has to be time trial and I do like a nice flat route, but living in Sheffield this can be difficult.

What’s your pre-race routine?

15-minute pre-race warm up just to get the legs moving, then I go to my main warm up which is around 25 minutes using a pyramid set, then I do a 15 minutes cool down. Then there is nutrition, keeping warm and making sure this is done at least 40 minutes before the race. Oh and my music make sure I block all the distractions out, this keeps me focused.

Do you have a favourite training session?

I like speed work.

When you’re not training what do you like doing?

I do the usual stuff: music, audio books, catching up with my Facebook buddies, shopping – I’m terrible for shoes and dresses. In the summer I like to catch up with friends/family, go to theme parks, camping.

What’s in your fridge?

Fruit, fresh juice, beetroot juice, and some things which shouldn’t be there!

Do you have a strict diet to stick too?

I have to be very careful with my diet, I do have a swimmer’s mentality with this, and sometimes I forget I am not doing loads of high mileage in the pool. I use recovery after every training session, I have a glass of beetroot juice every day and also use Beet It shots to help maintain my nitrate levels. I have also lots of fruit in my diet along fresh fish and meats. I do keep from saturates when coming up to a national event.

Do you allow yourself any treats, if so what?

Oh yes – chocolate ice-cream!


Photo provided by Chloe


Worse crash you have ever had?

I’ve had two major crashes. My worst was 18 months ago – I skidded on some loose road surface, which resulted in me breaking two radius heads in my arms; this took lots of physio to get me to recover. But this January I was forced off the road which resulted in me suffering from an injured arm and post-concussion, from which I am still recovering. My advice for this – always wear a helmet.

Finally, what’s your goal in cycling?

My main goals in cycling are Rio and Tokyo Paralympics, but also to promote cycling as a whole.


Chloe is going to be one to watch in the coming months. She is an amazing athlete and well worth following her journey with British Cycling. You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

I would like to wish her a great season for 2015 and every success.

Go Chloe smash it up in 2015!

© Matt Saunders