Matrix GP – Croydon in pictures

Image156A bit of a crashfest, this third round of the 2015 Matrix GP – with several incidents in both the women’s and men’s events, which raised the question of whether the very tight circuit with a bottleneck right after the startline and a hairpin bend at the southern end was really suited to an event on this scale. Organisers Sweetspot know what they’re doing, of course – they’ve been running the Tour Series and Matrix GP for several years now, in addition to even larger events such as the Women’s Tour, but it seems unlikely we’ll see this circuit again next year. At least a few incidents were caused by the very selective nature of the parcours, which split the bunch into several groups almost immediately – which, in turn, made it very difficult for the marshals to find windows of opportunity to allow the public to cross the roads and led to some short tempers, as was the case with the woman who refused to wait and stepped out with a small child, directly into the path of Sarah Storey. Fortunately, neither the rider nor the pedestrians were hurt.

If you like your races close-run, Round 3 was right up your street – roaring up the finishing straight together, Charline Joiner (WNT) and Nikki Juniper (Giordana-Triton) put on a display of sprinting power that was one of the highlights of the night. Joiner just gained an advantage, but only a tiny one: as she crossed the line, she was just 0.81″ ahead.

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Matrix GP – Croydon Results
1 Charline Joiner (WNT) 39’47.198″
2 Nikki Juniper (Giordana-Triton) 39’47.279″
3 Louise Mahe (Ikon-Mazda) 39’47.624″
4 Charlotte Broughton ( 39’48.070″
5 Emily Kay (USN) 39’48.275″
6 Jessie Walker (RST) 39’48.422″
7 Katie Curtis (Pearl Izumi-Sports Tours International) 39’48.563″
8 Henrietta Colborne (Jadan) 39’49.194″
9 Gabriella Shaw (Pearl Izumi-Sports Tours International) 39’49.291″
10 Sarah Storey (Pearl Izumi-Sports Tours International) 39’52.228″
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