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Helen Wyman: Big Step Towards Equality


Helen Wyman is doing everything possible to make sure her successors get the recognition she deserves

“Fighting for equality brings out a lot of emotions in the observers of the sport. Some support, some disagree and some like to watch from afar. Someone has to do the pushing, someone has to represent the future of the aspiring riders in the sport, and I feel pretty privileged that’s I’ve been given that opportunity to be honest.

Over the last two years I’ve been on the UCI cyclocross commission where I have tried my best to advance the sport for men and women. I’ve also had a particular eye on balancing the equality in the sport and I strongly believe that closing the equality gap, and making an all together stronger sport, is in the best interest of cyclocross….”


Helen Wyman ought to need no introduction because she’s one of the most successful athletes Britain has ever produced – she’s been National Cyclo Cross Champion nine times and European Champion twice, as well as achieving victories in numerous other races off-road and on. Because women’s sports recieve so little coverage, she’s not the household name she should be – but she’s working hard to make sure things are different for the riders that will succeed her.


Bike5050: Women’s Race Leagues – Tanya Griffiths interview


Tanya Griffiths and WERL – working for women’s cycling

“Many bike racing leagues don’t have a separate competition for women. They don’t exclude women but it seems unlikely a woman will win the league due to the physiological differences between men and women.

Ask your local league to have a separate competition amongst the women. If they don’t have the time or don’t want to, set up your own women’s racing league in your local area.

Tanya Griffiths did this when she created the Women’s Eastern Racing League in 2014 and has kindly shared (below) why she did it, what she did, and how in case others want to do it in their local area…”

Read more at Bike5050

Neutral Service favourite Tanya Griffiths (we hope she’ll be president of British Cycling one day, because she’d be fantastic) created the Women’s Eastern Racing League in 2014 for all the reasons you can read about in this article.

Les Filles: British National Championships – A Goal Finally Achieved


Les Filles in Michaelgate, 2015 National Championships

“After each National road race champs, my Facebook timeline has read like this…

Back from my first Nationals. Brutal course. Couldn’t get up “the wall”. Dropped on 3rd lap resulting in over an hour solo TTing on a hilly and windy course. Didn’t quit but pulled out with 3 to go. Loved it. Will be back next year.

Today’s National Road Champs were super hard and hilly. But it should be. These are the best women cyclists in the country after all. Finished in the latter part of the field, but still loved it. Thanks for the great weekend Les Filles RT.

Super-dooper happy to have actually finished the British National Road Champs today, finishing in the same position as my race number. Not one to give up easily, this was my 3rd year of trying.
Lincoln was kind – it appears that wind, cobbles and short climbs are favourable for compact, cake-eating riders…”


Les Filles describe themselves as being “fun, friendly, fast – in that order.” They might have to rethink that one soon, because they’ve been getting noticeably faster this year – must be the cake 😉

Upcoming Races


EVKalaseliteVelo-Kalas: Oakley RR Report

“This Saturday saw the fifth round of the National Team Series – Oakley Road Race. The course was fast with just one testing climb making a loop of around 7 miles, which we would race 6 full laps plus one partial starting lap…” Read more

eliteVelo-Kalas are a British women’s cycling team who immediately caught the eye of Neutral Service upon their launch due to their determination to both provide a development platform for their riders and do as much as they possibly can to promote women’s cycling, thus improving the future for everyone in the sport as well as their own riders.

FierlanFierlan: A Vile Climb

“Every so often I compete in things that make me seriously reconsider my life choices, and wonder why I’m not at home on the sofa, possibly drinking a large wine. The Dundry Drubber was one of those events. Although I have ascended the hills of Dundry many slow and painful times before, it was my maiden voyage at the Bristol Cycle Festival’s Dundry Drubber – now in its fifth year. It started on a grey drizzly morning at the Tobacco Factory, queued up to sign on at a rather civilised hour of 11am with a train of men in lycra and some rather lovely ladies. There were some impressive bikes on display; with two teams of tandem riders taking on the climbs, and some rather steely looking fixed gear riders, destined to tear their legs off, or die trying…” Read More

Fierlan is a women’s cycling wear brand based in Bristol, UK, which aims to produce “fabulous, flattering, high performance pieces for female cyclists everywhere,” combining aesthetics with functionlity and performance – and to support women’s cycling all the way.

KateGordonKate Gordon: PedElle Stages 1-3

“The first stage is a gentle roll through wooded valleys and small towns to the first stop of the day at Artziniega. After coffee and a quick stretch to loosen off tight muscles, the group rolls out for the first climb of the day, which starts immediately from the first stop. The riders take the hill at their own pace, and the road reveals a great vista around every turn as it climbs through wooded forests and rocky escarpments…” Read more

The pedElle rides provides a fantastic physical challenge and an excellent opportunity to network with others in the industry whilst raising money for children’s charity, Coram. Read more about it here.

LucyLungesThumbLucy Lunges: Five Tips For Your Indoor Cycling Class

“This Sunday marks one year since we opened our doors at Cycle Rhythm. It’s been a fantastic year- classes are buzzing and membership is steadily increasing. We’ve developed a strong team of instructors and staff who are dedicated and passionate about group cycling. I’ve loved welcoming new riders to the studio and seeing their strength and stamina improve class by class…” Read more

Triathlete Lucy is studio manager for Bikram Yoga Essex and Cycle Rhythm. She blogs about a wide range of fitness subjects and can be followed on Twitter.

LauraMorganthumbLaura Morgan: Woooooooooooooah we’re half way there!

“..and yes, I am living on a prayer! The season’s half done and compared to this time last year I’m much more settled in to racing. Thankfully my form has started to creep in a little earlier and I’ve been getting some OK (nothing drastic) results so far. I’ll be targeting races mid August now as this is when my next batch of solid RR’s comes about, as well as some season finales in September…” Read more

Another Neutral Service favourite, Manx rider Laura Morgan rides for VCUK-PH Mas. Laura’s story of how she gave up a life of hard-partying excess and became an athlete is one of the most inspiring in the sport, proving that massive gains can be made by those who want them.