Crit on the Campus Report and Gallery


The Crit on the Campus once again provided stirling racing at Stirling University (© Keith McRae)

Stirling’s Crit on the Campus once again proved to be an enormous success with a large and top quality women’s field taking part in the Stirling Bike Club/University of Stirling-organised event despite the first round of the Team Series going on several hundred miles away at Redbridge in north-east London. Aprire-HSS rider Kayleigh Brogan set the tone of the race early on, driving a high pace that rapidly forced a split, with fifteen women making it into the lead group.

Neutral Service contributor Keith McRae was in Stirling for the report. Read his report here

Brogan’s efforts were admirable, but fate was not on her side – towards the end of the race, with the leaders reduced to ten and still getting faster, Wiggle-Honda’s new signing Eileen Roe’s tyres relinquished their hold as she followed Charline Joiner of WNT around a bend and she fell, taking out both Brogan and Louise Borthwick (Project 51) as she went. Borthwick’s team mate Flora Gillies avoided the trouble and looked to be the most serious threat to Joiner, but the WNT rider’s powerful sprint saw her through and earned her the victory. Roe, Brogan and Borthwick finished in 15th, 16th and 17th.

“Myself and the team are extremely pleased that Charline took the victory at this well-known race in her first road appearance fo us,” WNT team manager Marcus Nainby told Neutral Service [the other win was Sam Burman at the Mossley CRT Circuits, the second place was Rose Osborne at the Ipswich Spring Scramble – ed.]. “We had a good day on Sunday with two wins and a second place. We’re sending a very small team to the team series race on Sunday then on to the Tour of the Reservoir.”

1 Charline Joiner (WNT; Cat. 1) 15pts
2 Flora Gillies (Project 51; Cat. 2) 12pts
3 Ellen McDermott (Team WattCycle; Cat. 3) 10pts
4 Claire Martin (Team 22; Cat. 2) 8pts
5 Lorna Ferguson (Glasgow Green CC; Cat. 4) 6pts
6 Natalie Milne (Cat. 3) 0pts
7 Ashleigh Fraser (Deeside Thistle CC; Cat. 2) 4pts
8 Lyndsey Carson (Thomsons Cycles; Cat. 3) 3pts
9 Katherine Gallagher (Dundee Thistle RC; Cat. 4) 2pts
10 Laura Nicolson (Moray Firth CC; Cat. 3) 1pts
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Ready for action on the start line (© Keith McRae)



Eileen Roe was a favourite until her tyres let her down on a bend, causing a crash that also took out Louise Borthwick and Kayleigh Brogan (© Andy Gerrie)



Kayleigh Brogan set the pace to “HIGH” early on, and kept it cranked up all the way until the crash that ended her chances (© Andy Gerrie)


Winner Charline Joiner (© Keith McRae)



Team 22’s Claire Martin, known to her Twitter followers as @PetiteRiderAndy Gerrie)


Flora Gillies was hot on Charline Joiner’s heels as the finish approached but Joiner’s blistering sprint saw her through (© Andy Gerrie)


Victory celebration – Neutral Service contributor Keith McRae was hit by a cork! (© Keith McRae)