Banbury Star RR in pictures


Julie Erskine leaving us in no doubt just how tough Edge Hill is! © Catherine Hills

The 72km Banbury Star took place in the rolling countryside of Oxfordshire on the 24th of May and, as part of the 2015 Women’s Team Series, attracted many of the top cyclists in Britain. However, the parcours includes the notorious Knowle climb, also known as Edge Hill and tough enough to be featured in Another 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs; with a vertical gain of 90m in 0.6km and sections as steep as 16% is ironically a great leveler, in the Banbury Star it doesn’t matter who you are – it’s all about who’s the best on the day. Especially when the riders have to conquer it three times as part of a total gain over the course of the race of 1,279m – 194m greater than the summit of Snowdon.

Knowing how difficult the hill would be, the peloton remained together until the first ascent when Giordana-Triton’s Nikki Juniper, the current British Cycling Women’s Road Series Champion, broke away with Bonito Squadra Corse’s Annabel Fisher in hot pursuit – a very brave move by a Category 2 rider, going after an Elite as exceptionally talented as Nikki on a hill like that! A chase group soon budded off from the front of the pack with riders taking turns on the front to try to catch the two leaders, but Nikki and Annabel were simply too strong and remained off the front for the rest of the race.

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“Arghhhh!” © Catherine Hills

Banbury Star RR 2015 Results
1 Nikki Juniper (Giordana-Triton; Elite)
2 Annabel Fisher (Bonito Squadra Corse; Cat. 2)
3 Grace Garner (Giordana-Triton; Cat. 1)
4 Hannah Walker (WNT; Elite)
5 Suzetta Guerrini (London Dynamo; Cat. 2)
6 Rebecca Nixon (Fusion RT Gearclub Bike Science; Cat. 2)
7 Laura Greenhalgh (Les Filles; Cat. 2)
8 Henrietta Colborne (Beacon Wheelers; Cat. 2)
9 Sophie Faulkner (Fusion RT Gearclub Bike Science; Cat. 2)
10 Louise Laker (PMR@Toachim House; Cat. 2)
11 Keira McVitty (Giordana-Triton; Cat. 1)
12 Jennifer Hudson (Fusion RT Gearclub Bike Science; Cat. 2)
13 Natalie Grinczer (Fusion RT Gearclub Bike Science; Cat. 2)
14 Fiona Hunter Johnston (Onit Cycles; Cat. 2)
15 Amy Gornall (Aprire-HSS; Cat. 2)
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The Milk Race in pictures



The winning break


Still leading after another ascent of that damn hill! Annabel Fisher starting to show the strain of chasing Nikki Juniper


Jadan’s Francis White seems to be actually enjoying Edge Hill

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All photos © Catherine Hills; do not reuse without first gaining her approval



16 Julie Erskine (Ikon-Mazda), 17 Lucy Chittenden (Bonito Squadra Corse), 18 Rose Osborne (WNT), 19 Annasley Park (Giordana-Triton), 20 Laura Massey (Ikon-Mazda), 21 Gabriella Nordin (GB, 22 Bella Leach (London Phoenix), 23 Lou Collins (Carnac-Planet X), 24 Laura Cameron (London Phoenix), 25 Frances White (Jadan), 26 Charmaine Porter (Army Cycling Union), 27 Chanel Mason (Army Cycling Union), 28 Rebecca Raybould (London Phoenix), 29 Heidi Viles (Team South-West), 30 Jennifer Powell (elitevelo-Kalas), 31 Sophie Coleman (Squadra Donne-Shutt VR), 32 Mathilde Pauls (Fusion RT Gearclub Bike Science), 33 Ruth Summerford (PMR@Toachim House), 34 Melissa Brand (Ikon-Mazda), 35 Corrine Hall (Ikon-Mazda), 36 Michelle Vella Wood (GB, 37 Nicole Oh (Les Filles), 38 Rebecca Carter (WNT), 39 Kelly Murphy (Squadra Donne-Shutt VR), 40 Nicola Soden (Carnac-Planet X), 41 Delia Beddis (Les Filles), 42 Natasha Reddy (Zappi's), 43 Sam Burman (WNT), 44 Chloe Weller (PMR@Toachim House), 45 Nicki Carr (Team South-West), 46 Sophia Chastell (M&D Cycles-Fusion RT-WORX), 47 Emily Attfield (Velosure-Starley Primal), 48 Victoria Strila (PMR@Toachim House), 49 Sandra Mackay (Carnac-Planet X), 50 Alice Miller (elitevelo-Kalas), 51 Jo Tindley (WNT), 52 Sarah Godwin (Team South-West), 53 Elizabeth-Jane Harris (Army Cycling Union), 54 Samantha Wilson (Army Cycling Union), 55 Charlotte Sampson (Zappi’s), 56 Mary McFadzean (GB, 57 Hannah Beaumont (Army Cycling Union), 58 Gemma Waterjohns (Team South-West), 59 Vikki Marsden (Team South-West)