Banbury Star CC Road Race – in pictures

Plenty of smiles on the start line…

…and, perhaps, a little concern about the forecast thunder and heavy rain!

Mary Wilkinson (Team Jadan, riding for the Ellmore Composite Team) powers up the hill

Claire Hammond’s race-face says all that needs to be said about the hill!

The riders were soon strung out in a long, thin line as they tackled the hill – which, though they might not have been admiring the scenery, is surely one of the most picturesque locations in UK women’s cycling

Vision-Innovative Leisure’s Madeline Howden

One of the most impressive riders on the hill was TW1’s Gabriella Nordin. Third to the top in the first lap, she would slip to 15th place as the race began Lap 2 – but then moved up to 5th wheel on the second ascent.

Sock game victor!

Mary Wilkinson (Ellmore Composite) and Georgina Panchaud (Bianchi Dama) battle one another to the to on the penultimate ascent of Edge Hill. On the final climb, Panchaud took the lead…

…and keep up the pressure, going clear as she began her approach to the finish line and looking like she was almost definitely going to be the winner…

…but a superhuman last effort by Wilkinson saw her move into the lead and take victory by four bike lengths, with Georgina relegated to second. Third went to Ruth Summerford, six to eight lengths back.

1st Mary Wilkinson, 2nd Georgina Panchaud, 3rd Ruth Summerford. Note the lack of rain – which never happened!

Even more photos below the results!


1 Mary Wilkinson (Jadan Weldtite-Vive le Velo; Cat. 3) 30pts
2 Georgina Panchaud (Bianchi Dama; Cat. 1) 25pts
3 Ruth Summerford (Fusion RT-Veloperformance; Cat. 2) 21pts
4 Rebecca Johnson (Fusion RT-Veloperformance; Cat. 2) 17pts
5 Jessica Finney (OnForm; Cat. 2) 14pts
6 Jennifer Hudson (Fusion RT-Veloperformance; Cat. 2) 12pts
7 Gabriella Nordin (TW1 Racing; Cat. 2) 10pts
8 Leah Dixon (OnForm; Cat. 2) 8pts
9 Alicia Speake (OnForm; Elite) 7pts
10 Helen Ralston (Sigma Sports x Threo; Cat. 2) 6pts
11 Anneleen Bosma (Rapha CC; Cat. 2) 5pts
12 Kerry Middleton (Sigma Sports x Threo; Cat. 2) 4pts
13 Hannah Larbalestier (Boompods-EDCO-NRG; Cat. 2) 3pts
14 Melissa Brand (OnForm; Cat. 2) 2pts
15 Delia Beddis (Les Filles-Queen of the Mountains; Cat. 2) 1pt
16 Florence Cox (Sportstest RT; Cat. 3), 17 Rachel Jary (Boompods-EDCO-NRG; Cat. 1), 18 Caitlin Peters (I-Team Cyclists’ Club; Cat. 2), 19 Ellen McDermott (Boompods-EDCO-NRG; Cat. 1), 20 Kirsty McSeveney (Fareham Wheelers; Cat. 2), 21 Danielle Shrosbree (CC London; Cat. 2), 22 Leah Ball (; Cat. 2), 23 Emily Meakin (Fusion RT-Veloperformance; Cat. 1), 24 Alicia Lisle (OVB; Cat. 3), 25 Honor Elliott (Finsbury Park CC; Cat. 2), 26 Emma Bentley (CC London; Cat. 2), 27 Kate Baker (Avid Sport; Cat. 2), 28 Alderney Baker (; Cat. 2), 29 Hannah Lancaster (Ludlow Brewery RT; Cat. 3), 30 Maxine Filby (Shutt-Ridley RT; Cat. 2), 31 Kate Wootton (OnForm; Cat. 2), 32 Olivia Bentley (Vision-Innovative Leisure; Cat. 2), 33 Julia Chatterton (Shutt-Ridley RT; Cat. 3), 34 Natasha Reddy (Vision-Innovative Leisure; Cat. 2), 35 Helen Sharp (Twickenham CC; Cat. 3), 36 Francesca Cutts (CC London; Cat. 2), 37 Lorna Bowler (Backstedt/Hotchillee; Cat. 2), 38 Victoria Strila (TW1 Racing; Cat. 2), 39 Claire Hammond (TW1 Racing; Cat. 1), 40 Alison Lilley (Fenland Clarion; Cat. 2), 41 Alison Rothnie (Spokes BPC; Cat. 3), 42 Tiffany Fletcher (; Cat. 3), 43 Melissa Baker (; Cat. 3), 44 Jessica Woodworth (OnForm; Cat. 2), 45 Xan Crees (; Cat. 2), 46 Neve Hattee (MI Racing Academy; Cat. 3), 47 Madeline Howden (Vision-Innovative Leisure; Cat. 2)

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