About Neutral Service

What is Neutral Service?

Born from what Stefan Wyman and Stuart MacLean have been doing with On The Drops since 2010, Neutral Service is edited by John Orbea, aka ‘Cyclopunk‘. Telling stories and news of British interests within women’s cycling, without any bias towards our team Matrix Pro Cycling. We believe in using our place in the peloton and helping providing media coverage to female cyclists, the more coverage the race scene gets, the stronger it will be for everyone involved.

We’re here to help.

With so much experience at all levels, if you have any questions on the sport, we are happy to help. Whether you’re a Cat 4 rider, an elite racer, a team or a race, we’re here to share our knowledge to help. For women’s cycling to flourish, we can’t rely on others to make it happen, we have to show initiative and work together to get to where we all want the sport to be.